BTS Fan Fics Halloween Creator Fest - All ARMY creators are welcome to participate!

Halloween is Approaching!

The spooky month of ghosts, horror and trick-or-treating is approaching and BTSFanFics is getting in the mood.

We will be holding a BTS ARMY Creators Fest here at where all different types of creations are welcome!

There will not be set topics per day, instead, the fest will run throughout all October.
You can of course still post works outside of this fest as we’ll be using a specific tag for this.

All works posted under the fest tag: HalloweenFest2020 will be promoted on our twitter @btsfanfics


  • – Fest duration: All month of October!

  • – Works must be Halloween-themed to be promoted within the fest hashtag on Twitter

  • – BTSFanFics Tag (additional tags when posting work): HalloweenFest2020

  • – Twitter Tag (when sharing on Twitter): #BFFhalloweenfest_2020

  • – Preferably upload your work on BTSFanFics to be promoted

  • – If sharing on twitter, add the work url from BTSFanFics along with #BFFhalloweenfest_2020

  • – Works submitted on BTSFanFics can of course be used in other Halloween Fests!

Topic Tips

  • – Trick or treating
  • – Monsters
  • – Horror
  • – Supernatural (vampires,  wolves, witches, etc)
  • – Mythology
  • – Apocolyptic
  • – Anything scary 


What type of creators can participate?

Artists, writers, editors, moodboard makers – any ARMY creator that wants to participate with a spooky creation is welcome!

What is this?

A month long fest throughout October for all ARMY creators to post Halloween-themed creations and have them promoted not only on this platform but also twitter.

How do I take part in the fest?

Post your work on the site by pressing your username in the menu -> “Post New”.
Make sure to use the tag above in the “Additional Tag”-field when uploading your creation!

Is there any age limit?

No, everyone is welcome to participate. However, please avoid posting NSFW content if you’re underaged.

Can I post whatever work I want? (Extreme kinks, mcd, dark)

Yes, just make sure that you tag your work correctly. Keep in mind that tags are important to not trigger readers/viewers as well as that some might be underaged.

You never shared my work!

Please note that depending on the volume of works it might be hard to keep up, however, feel free to DM us here or on Twitter with a link to your work!


We are looking forward to seeing your spooky talent and creations!

Happy Halloween! 👻


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