“I’m here to protect you now. They will never do this to you again and if they try you just tell Hyung, okay?” - "Ok, Hyung. I Promise"
Ratings: Mature
Categories: M/M
Chapter: 3

Taehyung was a quirky kid. Loud, artsy, and whimsical, but always so incredibly kind-hearted. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. But kids can be mean and he will never forget the day he got shoved so hard that he fell down in the mud. A group of kids had been standing around the school bully Kai, watching and laughing as Taehyung hit the ground hard, his clothes ruined. 

“Now you’re where you belong. Down in the dirty mud like a pig,” the slightly bigger boy laughed. 

“Pig boy, pig boy, pig boy,” the children chanted. Taehyung stood up slowly and dusted his clothes himself off.

“I’m really sorry, Kai,” he said, throwing the other boy off guard.

“What?” he spat. 

“I’m truly and deeply sorry for your parent’s divorce. I can only imagine the pain you’re going through and please know that I’m here whenever your anger leaves you and you want to talk.” 

Taehyung truly meant it, even as a seven-year-old he’d been wise beyond his years. His mother always said that he had an old soul. 

Kai’s expression was one of bewilderment. He leapt forward grabbing Taehyung by the collar of his shirt. 

“You little shit. You don’t know anything. I’m gonna-“ 

Taehyung was more than surprised when all of a sudden Kai’s grip on him was gone. 

“You’re gonna what, Kai? Hm?” A raven-haired boy suddenly appeared in front of him. He was a scrawny looking thing. He pushed the bully off of Taehyung and took a protective stance in front of him. 

“Let me tell you what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna walk off and never bother this kid again. Hear me? Let’s not make this more embarrassing for you, hm?” 

Taehyung was in awe and couldn’t do anything but stare at the boy in front of him with eyes wide in admiration. This boy, his protector, might’ve looked small but something about him made him seem everything but. 

Kai and his followers ran off and the boy turned to him. 

“You ok, kid?” 

“I-“ Taehyung just stared at him for a second until he found his words again, “You’re a kid and you’re calling me a kid? How old are you?”   

“I’ll be two digits in March this year,” the boy replied, his chest puffed out proudly. “Oh, I’ll be 8 this December,” Taeyhung replied with a slight pout. 

“Cute,” the elder said while ruffling his hair. Taehyung jokingly slapped his hand away, cheeks painted with a faint blush. 

“Why did they call you that? ‘Pig boy’,” he asked. His voice now serious. 

“Oh, that,” Taehyung looked down at the ground as they sat down on a bench nearby. 

“They call me that because of my big nose.” Taehyung’s eyes were glued to his lap, his hands fidgeting with the hem of his oversized shirt. 

“That’s stupid. I like your nose, it’s cute. And that it’s big just means that you’ll grow tall and big yourself. By then your face will catch up and grow into it. Don’t listen to them.” The older but smaller boy said with a caring look in his eyes. 

“I’m here to protect you now. They will never do this to you again and if they try you just tell Hyung, okay?” At this Taehyung looked at the other, searching his eyes trying to see if he truly meant the words he was saying. Waiting for him to say that it was all a joke. That he didn’t truly care. But the other’s eyes stayed on him, waiting for a response, and Taehyung broke out in a boxy grin.

“Okay, Hyung. I promise.” 

“Good. Now let’s get you to class, hm?” Taehyung’s whole body felt warm and giddy as the two boys started to walk to the younger’s classroom. He had a protector now, a real friend. 

“I’m Kim Taehyung by the way. What’s your name, Hyung?”

“Oh. It’s Yoongi. Min Yoongi.” 

Taehyung wakes up in a way he’s come accustomed to over the years. Disoriented, body soaked in sweat, heart racing with panic and despair tearing at his chest. The strange dreams, or memories rather, have been plaguing him for so many years now. It would come in periods, sometimes they were less frequent, the memories buried deep in his mind where he kept them locked away. But ever since he got that stupid painting featured they’d be more occurrent, floating up to the surface to haunt him, causing him to spend many nights without sleep and instead toss and turn with a strong feeling of restlessness seeping through his body. Why had he painted that godforsaken river, and why did it have to be that painting that had been noticed?

Taehyung has been dreaming of becoming an artist for as long as he can remember. He always wanted to spend his life doing what he loved: painting.
So, of course he had been elated when the magazine reached out to him wanting an interview and to feature his latest work. It was just that this particular piece held so much pain and memories to him, so it shouldn’t really have come as a surprise when all of it came back to haunt him. Disrupting his sleep once again. 

He blindly reaches for his phone to check the time. 4:06. He groans and tries to rub the sleep out of his eyes, wishing it had been a little bit later so that he could’ve gotten ready for work. He knows he probably won’t fall back asleep but decides that he will try to at least rest, knowing he has an important day at work ahead. 

A new manager will start today and his boss, Jin, is trusting Taehyung to be there for him, teach him the ropes, and help him get settled. Something that Taehyung takes very seriously. Really appreciative of the trust that the café owner has in him. 

He feels dehydrated from sweating so much and decides to grab a glass of water. Sitting on the countertop in his kitchen, swinging his legs absentmindedly, he thinks about the dream he just had. 

He smiles fondly when he thinks about how he met his best friend, his soulmate. The two had been inseparable from that day. Going on adventures, sleepovers, and telling each other everything. His lips turn down into a frown when he remembers how upset they both had been that day. The day it all ended. The day Taehyung lost a piece, the other half, of his heart – his soul. 

He shakes his head, not wanting to relive those memories, not wanting to think about it. It’s been several years and he needs to move on. He’s making a life for himself. He’ll always miss that piece of his heart, it being somewhere else in Korea, or the world, wherever Yoongi might be. But he needs to look ahead and not back. 

He refills his water glass and heads for the couch. He puts his phone and water glass on the coffee table before he turns on the TV, absentmindedly flipping through channels. He stops, eyes wide in surprise when images of the Nakdong river starts dancing across the screen. It seems to be a documentary. A woman’s smooth voice explains the history of the river and it makes Taehyung think back to when he had told his Hyung these exact things, all those years ago when they’d been sitting under the cherry blossom trees by the riverside. 

He scoffs, wondering why the universe is mocking him, why it’s being so cruel to him, and how many innocent animals he must’ve killed in his previous life to deserve this. 

All of a sudden he’s woken up by the alarm on his phone and realizes that he must’ve fallen asleep. He scoffs again, and no matter how much he hates to admit it, the river has such a calming effect on him, even if it’s only through the screen. He tries to rid himself of his thoughts and decides that a hot steamy shower will do the trick. 

As he gets out of the bathroom he feels a bit lighter, the water cleansing him, resetting him like always. He gets dressed and ready to leave but before he walks out the door he checks his phone. 




Jungkook and his boyfriend Jimin live quite close so it’s not long before the younger, black-haired boy gets in Taehyung’s car. 

“Lovely morning isn’t it, Hyung?” he says, his mood so chipper one could think he just won the lottery. 

“This lovey-dovey shit is too much, Kook honestly, it makes me want to hurl. And you’ve been together for too long to still be this damn sappy,” Taehyung answers in a jokingly fashion. 

“You don’t know how it is, Hyung. We grew up together- he was my best friend. I always had a crush on him but he would only see me as his annoying little friend. Like a brother. I’ve been waiting too damn long for this not to soak in it now.” 

“Incest is illegal, you know,” Taehyung says before starting the car. He hopes that he was able to hide the flinch caused by the immediate pain that he feels at Jungkook’s words. If the younger only knew how familiar he was with their situation. His had been very similar. His best friend had seen him, wanted him – until… 

In short – his story didn’t have the same happy ending, but he was happy that Jungkook had gotten his. 

The drive to work goes smoothly. The two friends at it with their usual banter in no time. 

“I hope the new manager is hot,” says the youngest of the two. 

“You literally have your prince charming waiting for you at home every day,” Taehyung replies with an eye roll. 

“So I can’t ask for some eye candy at work now? I have rights, you know,” Jungkook replies, sticking out his tongue. 

“I can’t with you,” is the only reply Taehyung can muster. It really is too damn early for Jungkook’s antics. 


Shortly after, they arrive at ‘Peaches & Cream’. Taehyung feels giddy, excited. Secretly loving an opportunity where he gets to show off a little bit. He’s a very humble and kind man, not much different from when he was younger, but he also knows damn well that he is good at his job, and even though his dream is to be an artist, he would love to climb the ladder in the café in the meantime. He loves it here. Really cares about the place and the people working there. 

As soon as he enters the doors and hears the familiar bell above it he gets into work-mode. 

“Ok, guys. Let’s get this place ready. The new manager is coming in today and we don’t want to disappoint Jin-ssi by having the place looking like a mess. Jackson, I need the bar to be clean. I know it was cleaned after closing but I need it spotless. Girls, how’s the kitchen looking?” 

Taehyung gets to work. While everyone is working on their stations he goes out to set up the yard. After setting the chairs and tables down as well as opening up the peach-colored umbrellas, he stops for a second and looks around. He’s loved this place since his first day of joining the Peach-crew. It’s a small, cute yard full of charm. However, now in the early morning hours, it’s nothing compared to how magical it looks in the evening. The beautiful lanterns hanging on the light cables are lit, giving the space a warm, gentle glow that makes the whole feel of the little outdoor space so much more intimate. Taehyung admires the place for just a short while longer before he grabs his towel and starts to wipe the tables down to spotless perfection. 

As he works, two of his colleagues come out to help, gossiping about something Taehyung doesn’t register.

“This is work, people. I know it’s early but I also don’t care. Neither do the regulars that will be here in…one hour! One hour to get ready to open and we are nowhere near finished. If you want your usual fifteen minutes coffee-break and breather before the customers start coming in I suggest you hurry up. Chop chop!” he tells them, loud enough so that anyone inside that might be messing around will hear it too. 

It’s not that he’s being mean. He takes work seriously and today is not just any normal day. Jin has trusted him with the responsibility of the staff and is such an amazing boss, not only to Taeyhung but everyone he hires. He really doesn’t want to let Jin down. 

After some time nature calls and Taehyung hustles over to the bathroom. When he comes out he sees Jungkook and the rest of the waiters gathered in a huddle. 

“Why are you all standing here for? We still aren’t done, the-” he starts saying until he takes note of the two men with their backs towards him, facing the group of waiters. One of them is Jin, so the other must be the new manager. He’s short, broad shoulders and really skinny legs. He turns around and that’s when Taehyung stops talking. Stops breathing entirely. 

Everything happens in slow motion as the man’s face comes into view.
It can’t be. There’s no way. 

Taehyung freezes in his spot, unable to move. He feels his jaw drop and his eyes go wide. What kind of fuckery is this?
The short man next to his boss looks like – no, he is – Yoongi. Min Yoongi. What the hell is he doing here?! 

He feels Jin’s big hand land on his shoulder and hears his voice but can’t register what he’s saying. All he can do is stare in disbelief.
He dreamt about him last night. Had been thinking about him all morning. His mind would often drift to Yoongi and their memories together…but it still feels so unbelievable that after dreaming about how they first met, just last night, he’s here – in front of him. After all these years. 

So many emotions run through Taehyung. Fear, hurt, shock, and then lastly comes warmth. It seeps through his body like a lively stream and the joy that follows hits him so hard he feels like he’ll faint. 

He looks so good, so, so good. Taehyung kind of wants to reach out and touch him, feel him. Every centimeter of him. He still looks like himself just more – man – now. Still shorter than Taehyung with skinny, pretty legs. His shoulders are still surprisingly wide for his small frame. Taehyung continues to scan the other, his arms, his big, extremely sexy, veiny hands, and – his face… 

His mouth has this adorable natural pout and the look in his eyes is so sharp as if though they could cut someone. His skin is pale like porcelain making him look like a real life doll. He’s just so pretty. Taehyung takes in the sight of every single inch of him. 

‘Wow…’ Taehyung thinks as everything around them seems to disappear, the air becoming static and filled with something heavy. It’s as if it’s only them there, looking at each other, stuck in time. 

His best friend, his soulmate, is in front of him. So close. After all these years, and Taehyung honestly couldn’t care less about what happened. He doesn’t give a fuck anymore, he just wants to hug him, touch him. 

Automatically Taehyung breaks out in a heartfelt grin and opens his arms wide to welcome his friend, embrace him, smell him, just – anything.

All is finally well, we’re finally back together, everything will be o-’ Taehyung’s thoughts are interrupted when Yoongi looks him over quickly, confusion painting his features before he quickly offers his hand. 

“Hi, I’m Min Yoongi, new manager as of today. Nice to meet you.”

Thinking his Hyung must be joking he stays with his arms wide, looking at the Yoongi’s hand, waiting for him to break into his gummy smile and hug him tightly. Saying something like ‘Ha! Got you. Gullible as always, Taehyungie,’ laughing with shaking shoulders – like he always used to do.

But that doesn’t happen. He just stands there with his hand, waiting for the younger to accept it and – oh my god. He’s not joking, Yoongi is really going to pretend to not know him right now. What the fuck?

Taehyung feels his whole world shattering. A sudden urge to crawl into himself so strong it hurts him physically. Not only is Yoongi breaking his heart, but he’s also humiliating him at work, in front of all his colleagues. 

Taehyung can’t believe what’s happening. He feels dizzy for a second, like he’s going to fall apart – literally. All the emotions running through him are too much to handle. 

First, he feels confused. He knows their friendship got an unfair and abrupt ending, but it’s not something either of them wanted. It wasn’t their fault. Not really. Taehyung spent so many lonely nights, writhing in physical pain due to the memories of what they’ve gone through. Pain from missing him so much he thought he would literally break. 

And for Yoongi to now stand here, pretending that they’re strangers. Like he never cared. It hurts. It hurts more than any other thing he’s ever felt and even though he tries his best to not show it, he can feel his lips as they begin to tremble. His eyes stinging with tears threatening to surface. 

No. No, he’s not crying over this piece of shit that clearly doesn’t care. Maybe he never did? His confusion turns into anger – disgust. 

I don’t deserve this,’ Taehyung thinks to himself before he shuts off. 

He’s learned to do this, shut off his emotions when something becomes too painful, and this is not only painful. This is disgusting – sickening

He lets his mask fall on, cold and emotionless. 

“Kim Taehyung. Welcome to ‘Peaches & Cream’, Yoongi-ssi.” He can feel the bile rise in his throat as he speaks. He is not about to shake the other’s hand. No. Fucking. Way. 

Jin tells him what he’s already told him before. How he expects Taehyung to support and be there for the new manager. something Taehyung had been excited about just a few minutes ago. God, it felt like a lifetime ago already – but now he’s dreading it. 

Yoongi then gets instructed to go to his office to prepare himself for opening, to which he complies. Taehyung just watches him leave, his cold eyes filled with disgust following his movements. It’s Jungkook who snaps him back to reality by placing a hand on his shoulder. 

“Hey, Tae. Are you ok? That shit was weird. Do you know him or something?” His voice is laced with both concern and curiosity. 

“I thought I did,” Teahyung replies before he turns around and heads for the bathroom. 

When he gets in, he splashes water onto his face. 

I’m not crying at work. I’m not crying over that insensitive bastard,’ he thinks to himself. He is so angry. Yes, he feels hurt, so incredibly hurt. However, anger is an easier emotion so he lets that one take over instead.  

He needs to calm down. He needs to be professional and focus because in no fucking way is he going to let Min Yoongi ruin what he’s worked so hard to build. 

When he walks back out Jin calls him, “Taehyung, can you please go and fetch the manager?” 


“Of course, Seokjin-ssi,” he replies before taking a deep breath. Just great.

Jin looks at him, perplexed over the younger’s slightly strange behavior. 


As he stands in front of Yoongi’s office, he takes a deep breath. Reminding himself to not let this get to him, to stay professional, to stay calm like the river. He takes another deep breath before he knocks on the door. 

Without waiting for an answer he walks in and tells Yoongi that they’re opening soon. Why does he have to look so good? It’s not fair. Nothing is. Even though he is so, so mad, his body is betraying him. His fingers are itching to just touch the other, feel his milky white skin under his fingertips, or his tongue… Fucking traitorous body. 

When the other tells him to not be so formal Taehyung snaps. He marches over to the desk and slams his hands down onto the hard surface, getting into Yoongi’s space. As he argues with the other he can’t help the small voice in the back of his head,
Why? Why are you doing this to me? And why are you acting so clueless? Haven’t you missed me as I’ve missed you?’

Taehyung is a bit shaken at first seeing what appears to be genuine confusion on Yoongi’s face. But when he has the audacity to imply that Taehyung is mad because he took the manager role from him, which for the record is not true, he just stares at him in utter shock. He’s amazed at the stupidity of the idea. 

Taehyung tells Yoongi to not interact with him unless it’s work-related before he turns around and leaves. His hands are shaking, his breath leaving him in short and hard puffs, and he just wants to punch something. Hard. 

He stomps off and starts wiping at an invisible spot on the bar with a cloth, just to busy himself. His best friend comes over yet again to make sure he’s alright.

“What’s going on, Tae? What are you not telling me?” Jungkook asks, clearly worried. 

“Jungkook, please. Please just let me… I’ll tell you in my own time okay?” Taehyung pleads, trying to keep his voice steady.

“But-” Jungkook starts until seeing Taehyung’s pointed look. “Fine. Okay…” 

Taehyung’s exhales trying to collect himself, but of course he can’t get a damn minute to breathe before Yoongi joins them. He feels the man’s presence as soon as he enters the room. 

Don’t look at him. Taehyung don’t you dare look at him,’ he tells himself but his traitorous body betrays him yet again and he looks at Yoongi who of course is looking back at him. 

For fuck sake,’ he internally groans before he breaks their eye contact, declares to all the staff that they’re opening, and gets to work. 

Taehyung does his best to ignore Yoongi, but he feels the burning stares from the other. He also tries to steal secret glances of him whenever he can. Yoongi had always been cute but the way he looks now… Taehyung just wants to press him up against the wall and ravish him. Bite at his pale skin and leave beautiful marks in his wake. He feels his dick twitch in his pants and is instantly reminded of reality. That’s Yoongi, his Yoongi, that he’s looking at. His childhood friend, his soulmate. Yoongi who is now his manager, pretending as though he doesn’t know who Taehyung is. 

As he’s speaking with two customers that are seated at a table, work charm on the fullest level, he can feel that Yoongi is looking at him and when he turns around, he’s proven right. He’s looking at him with such sharp eyes, a hunger swimming within them. It’s almost so intense that Taehyung gets flustered. He yet again feels his heart rate picking up, his pants becoming tighter. How can just a look from Yoongi do this? How can he have this power and affect him like this? 

Frustrated, Taehyung walks up to him, a forced smile on his face as he tries to hide how affected he is. “Are you going to stand here all day, staring, or do you plan to actually do your job?”

Yeah – that felt good. It felt so good that the smile on his lips isn’t even fake anymore. Instead, it’s a victorious smile as he puffs out his chest, feeling proud of himself.

“I’d watch my tone if I were you,” Yoongi responds with his own cold smile. “Not only am I your manager but I’m also your elder so show me some respect when you talk to me.”


Did that make Taehyung’s dick twitch? No. Definitely not. He decides to ignore the way his pants all of a sudden feel even more restricted. He’s the one in control here and he is not about to let Yoongi claim it. 

“Yeah? Or what?” Taehyung shoots back, his best smirk dancing on his lips. 

“Or I’ll have to make you.”

Wait, what?!

Now he didn’t expect that. This time there’s no way in hell that he can ignore the very strong twitch of his dick as his jaw drops. He feels so damn turned on – because his body is a damn traitor – but also so angry and confused by the other’s sudden guts. He can do nothing but stare at him, mouth agape and a faint blush painting his cheeks. 

Before he has a chance to regain his cool and respond Yoongi’s already walking away. Is that a goddamn smirk on his lips? Oh, Taehyung is fuming. So much so that he barely talks with Yoongi for the rest of the day unless it’s deemed absolutely necessary. 

As the late evening arrives, they close down for the day and Taehyung heads for the staff room wanting a cold shower. 

“Tae, wanna hang out? Maybe go to mine and game?” Jungkook asks as he throws his arm over his hyung’s shoulders before they open their lockers. 

“Yes, but no. I want to go out. I need a drink. Desperately.” 

It’s true. Taehyung really feels like a drink, maybe even to find someone to grind on. Let out the pent up frustration he’s been carrying all day. 

“Oh? Does this have anything to do with the obvious tension between you and manager-nim, hm?”

This makes Taehyung freeze mid action. 

What?! What does that even mean?”

“Woah, no need to get defensive, bro. I’m just stating the obvious,” Jungkook says with a smirk as he holds his hands up in surrender. 

“Shut up, you little shit. Is that a yes or no? I can cancel our whole friendship and go alone,” Taehyung growls, sounding more sinister than he intended. Thankfully the younger rolls with his punches. 

“I’m taller than you, also we both know you need me to wingman or you won’t score any ass,” Jungkook says even though they both know there’s no truth to his words. The younger’s humor breaks through Taehyung’s built up stress and tension, and a smile spreads across his lips.

“Keep telling yourself that,” he replies as he grabs his best friend in a headlock. Jungkook gets out of it easily and they start pushing each other, laughing and messing around. That’s when Yoongi walks in, making the two friends stop their shenanigans. 

Taehyung watches his friend greet the man he once believed to be his soulmate, asking about his day. This makes Taehyung scoff, roll his eyes and turn to his locker. His stress is back as he grabs his bag and snaps at his friend, asking if he’s coming or not. They didn’t even shower as planned, but thank god that the friends are so close that Jungkook understands that he needs to get out of there, taking his own bag without questioning the other and following him into his car.

“Let’s go to my place and get ready,” Taehyung says, already driving towards his apartment. The atmosphere in the car is tense and he knows, can feel, how the younger is squirming, wanting to ask-

“So… gonna tell me what’s going on or…?” 

Ah, and there it is. 

“Jungkook,” Taehyung groans. “I really don’t wanna talk about it.” 

Jungkook’s mouth opens and closes, obviously struggling to hold himself back. 

“Fine,” he says, not wanting to push his friend further. They always tell each other everything so Jungkook decides to leave it for now. Taehyung did say that he will tell him in his own time.


After getting ready and having some pre-drinks at his place, they head to one of their favorite bars. As they enter Taehyung feels his whole body buzzing. The tension he’s felt all day is still there but he feels more relaxed as he looks the place over, seeing people drink and chatting, some dancing, moving their bodies together as they’re looking at each other with lust in their eyes. 

“Or I’ll have to make you.”

A shiver runs through his body at the memory of what Yoongi told him earlier. Fuck…he definitely needs to get laid tonight. 

“I’m getting laid tonight,” he declares to his friend who just laughs and pats his shoulder. 

“Let’s start with a drink, shall we?” Jungkook says and looks at the bar. Yes. Drink. Okay. 

“Babyy, over here!” a voice calls making them stop in their tracks. Taehyung looks up and spots Jimin sitting in a booth. He hasn’t seen Jungkook’s boyfriend for a while, but the three of them were pretty close. It takes him a few seconds to realize that he’s not alone. Opposite to him is no other than fucking Min Yoongi

You have got to be kidding me,’ he thinks to himself. What kind of mean joke is this? 

“Jungkook,” he starts with a low warning tone. 

“I swear I didn’t know,” Jungkook says through his teeth as he smiles at his boyfriend. 

As they approach the booth Taehyung can’t help but stare at Yoongi. He’s dressed in a low-cut black T-shirt with a fucking leather jacket on top, complimenting his already broad shoulders. His black hair is messy, obviously styled to look like that, and he’s looking damn good, making it really hard to not just jump him then and there. Taehyung feels the heat starting to pool in his lower abdomen just by looking at him. 

Oh, the things I would do to you.

Their eyes meet, making them both avert their gaze quickly and awkwardly. It’s obvious that they both had been checking each other out. 

They join the other two at their booth, Jungkook sliding in next to Yoongi so Taehyung wouldn’t have to. Jimin happily turns to Taehyung and they begin to catch up. Taehyung missed him and it was truly nice to see him again. He tries to focus on their conversation but it’s hard, feeling Yoongi’s eyes on him, a strong urge to meet his gaze. 

When the waitress comes over with their drinks she lingers to flirt with Yoongi, not being very subtle about it. Taehyung is surprised about the fire it sparks in him. He watches their interaction and doesn’t miss the waitress sway her hips unnaturally as she walks away. As soon as she’s gone his eyes go back to Yoongi. The fire awakened within him has him gripping his own legs tightly, and as Yoongi turns back towards the group about to take a sip of his drink, their eyes meet. Taehyung feels so conflicted. One part of him feels so angry, so betrayed that Yoongi is pretending not to know him. The other part however wants to bend him over the table and ravish him in front of everyone. Wants to see what beautiful sounds he can pull out from that beautiful mouth. 

It’s almost comical how Yoongi visibly gulps and then tries to talk to him again, but Taehyung is having none of it. He averts his eyes and sips on his own drink like he didn’t even hear him. He knows he might be childish but he honestly doesn’t know how to act around the other and lets his anger take over him again. Jungkook tries to save the situation, managing to ease the tension as he praises his best friend for his talent and his paintings. Taehyung really appreciates it but also can’t help but feel the sting in his heart as they talk about the painting that he got featured. The goddamn river he just had to paint. He tells himself not to think about that now as he pinched his friend’s cheeks, telling him he’s adorable. 

The tension eases a bit after this and they go on with their conversation, laughing and drinking. He tries to steal glances of the man on the other side of the table every now and then but is proud of himself for managing to keep his traitor body in somewhat control, doing his best to focus on the ongoing conversation. He feels a bit smug as he notices that Yoongi is having more problems with it, feeling his strong gaze on him. For some reason it makes him feel hot, like he’s burning up, breathing a bit heavier. Jimin asks if they should order another round. Everyone agrees except Yoongi, and Taehyung is grateful because this gives him an excuse to look at him across the table. As he does, he sees how the man is looking down at Taehyung’s hands that are resting on the table, following the line of the slender fingers with his eyes, and he doesn’t miss the way Yoongi unconsciously drags his bottom lip between his teeth. This makes Taehyung feels some type of way. 

He’s definitely checking me out, right?’

 He keeps his eyes fixed on the man in front of him, but then Jimin snaps him back to reality by repeating his question. Yoongi looks up and their eyes meet. When this happens it takes Taehyung a second before he remembers to change his expression, cold mask slipping on once again. 

Something interesting happens when they wait for their drinks. The group’s conversation gets interrupted by a man approaching their table, determined look in his eyes as he stares Taehyung down. 

Oh, I know this look’ he thinks to himself, holding back a smirk. 

The man leans forward and puts his hand on Taehyung’s thigh, who just looks down at it as he listens to the words. 

“I’ve been looking at you from the moment you entered. You can’t be real. You haven’t even looked my way but I just want you to bend me over the table and fuck me senseless,” he says shamelessly, letting out a short giggle before he continues. “I’m sorry for being so straightforward. I just- I don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

Taehyung chuckles at that, using his sultry deep tone. He knows very well what he’s doing to the man, and it’s confirmed when he feels the shiver running through the body that’s leaning on him. 

“M-Maybe you could at least spare me a dance?” He asks shyly, confident demeanor gone as he falls victim to Taehyung’s charm. 

He flicks his eyes upward to meet the man’s eyes. He’s actually really pretty. Shaggy, dirty blonde hair swept across his amber eyes that are locked and loaded with desire. He’s shorter than Taehyung, with a slim body but a really plump ass that is showed off by jeans so tight they could have been painted on, something Taehyung highly approves off. A thin golden chain dangled from his tan neck, exposed by the first few undone buttons of his white collared shirt. His cologne is a woody, enduring scent wafting from his chest to Taehyung’s nose.

His approach isn’t exactly subtle but Taehyung doesn’t care about that. His goal isn’t to find a prince charming, but to blow off some steam, ease the tension in his body with some pleasure, forgetting about- 

As his mind reminds him of the sole reason to his frustrations his eyes snap and meet Yoongi’s who seems to already have been staring at him. It’s like time stops, the two men just looking into each other’s eyes and it’s heated, tense. 

Without breaking eye contact with Yoongi, Taehyung grabs the stranger by the back of his neck and turns his head as he whispers.

“I wouldn’t mind a dance, and who knows, maybe I’ll even take you up on that other offer, too. Bet you’d make beautiful sounds…” 

He makes sure that his breath hits his ear as he tells him that he’ll come find him after he finishes his drink, making the blonde blush before leaving their booth on slightly wobbly legs. 

Jungkook asks what he’d wanted and Taehyung shrugs and casually replies that he’d asked for a dance, looking up to meet Yoongi’s eyes yet again. 

“Told him I’ll grab him after I finish my drink.”

Jungkook then whistles and makes a remark about Taehyung’s hips, making everyone laugh. Everyone but Yoongi. Feeling satisfied and victorious he leans back in his seat as he continues to stare Yoongi down. 

The smug feeling doesn’t last for long, however, because suddenly the damn waitress from earlier shows up by their table, no longer dressed in her working uniform. Instead, she’s wearing a skintight black dress that’s complimenting her curves. She’s let her hair out. Her black long curls hanging freely, framing her face and creating a beautiful contrast to her slightly tanned skin. 

Taehyung has to sit there and watch as Yoongi eyes her body, licking his lips seductively as he reaches her eyes. He has to watch as the woman falls apart and becomes a stuttering, blushing, mess from Yoongi’s words and sharp gaze. Has to watch as the man in front of him wraps his long, pale fingers around her wrist to pull her down and mumble something in her ear that makes her whole body shiver. 

Mother fucker,’ is all Taehyung thinks. He’s not only flirting in front of him but with a woman too. Don’t get him wrong, he has no problem with bisexuality or any sexuality for that matter, feeling that people’s preferences are their own and none of his business. It’s just – knowing their past, it feels as though Yoongi is mocking him. Twisting the knife yet another lap in his chest.
Yet again he feels so conflicted as he does his best to ignore the heat running through his body from the scene unfolding in front of him. Yoongi is just so damn hot. He has this energy around him, and even if he isn’t that tall he carries himself like he’s 2 meters. So powerful

After Yoongi is done whispering what seems to be sweet nothings into the woman’s ear, he turns back to the table, meeting Taehyung’s eyes. The look in his eyes challenging, looking annoyingly satisfied with himself. Taehyung feels both furious and turned on at the same time. He almost wants to say something but doesn’t want Yoongi to know he affected him, so he presses his lips together. Yoongi grabs his drink and chugs it in one sweep before he grabs the woman’s hand and leaves. 

“I had no idea Hyung was this smooth. I’m like hard right now,” Jungkook says in awe. 

“Oh, he’s suave alright,” Jimin says before sipping at his drink. 

Taehyung looks at Jungkook, narrowing his eyes at him. 

Hyung? You’re calling him Hyung now? You met him five minutes ago.” 

“Well, I-” 

“Save it, Kook. I don’t wanna hear it. I got ass to catch, traitor,” Taehyung interrupts his friend before downing his drink and getting up, going to find the blonde man from earlier. 

He hasn’t been looking for very long before he feels a hand coming to touch his arm softly. He turns around to see the person he was looking for.

“Finished your drink?” 

“As a matter of fact, yes. Yes, I did.”

“Wanna give me that dance you promised?”

Taehyung pushes him against one of the pillars, resting both of his hands against it, next to his head, caging the blonde between the piece of wood and himself. 

“Ah, impatient, are we?” Taehyung asks in his velvety voice, seeing how the other blushes slightly at his words. Taehyung’s left-hand snakes its way down the other’s body until it reaches his hip, gripping it lightly, as he shoots him a seductive smile. 

“I- Yes. Honestly, I just wanna press my body against you. You’re so hot,” the man says, blushing deeper at his own words. 

Taehyung laughs and tilts his head back. He knows his neck is one of his strong attributes, and therefore exposes it to his prey. With Taehyung’s hand still gripping his hip, the shiver running through the other’s body doesn’t go unnoticed, confirming that Taehyung got him just where he wants him.

As he finishes laughing, Taehyung moves to straighten his neck again, and that’s when he sees him. Yoongi is on the dance floor with the woman from earlier grinding on him, her curvy hips and ass pressing against Yoongi’s front. As their eyes meet and lock together time seems to stop again. Taehyung can’t even put his cold, emotionless, mask on. Looking at Yoongi with nothing but hunger, the other returning the same heavy gaze, eyes a bit glossed over with lust. The air around them becomes heavy, charged, none of them being able to break eye contact. That is until Yoongi sticks his tongue out and licks his lips. This makes Taehyung’s eyes snap down. Hungrily following the movement. Hypnotised by the way Yoongi’s tongue slowly drags over his full bottom lip. It’s like it’s happening in slow motion and Taehyung is surprised by how much his body reacts. The small hairs on his neck stand up, his heart rate quickens, and his breath becomes heavier. 

God, how he wants him. 

The stranger that he has pinned in front of him is caressing his chest, reminding him of his existence. With his eyes still locked with Yoongi’s, Taehyung leans down to whisper. 

“You wanted to dance. Then let’s dance.” 

He offers his hand which the other gladly takes. Taehyung proceeds to move them to the other side of the pillar so that he’s now facing Yoongi instead. He sees the elder across the room following their every move, the waitress still grinding up on him. His eyes are sharp, pupils blown with lust. Yoongi’s gaze on him does something to Taehyung – it makes his body feel some type of way, his dick hardening and making his leather pants feel extremely restricted. 

The man in front of him starts grinding, not yet hard enough to create some relief for Taehyung’s slowly growing length, but that can be changed.
Taehyung places his hands on the hips in front of him and slowly starts moving his own. Rolling them in a fluid, precise motion, rubbing against the man’s ass. 

Ah, that’s better,’ he thinks as his length gets some sweet release. He feels the slight hitch of breath and shiver in the body in front of him and it makes him smirk. Something else he doesn’t miss is the way Yoongi is staring at the way he moves, eyes growing impossibly darker as he sucks his bottom lip between his teeth and bites, his fingers gripping hard enough on the waitress’s hips for Taehyung to be able to see it from where he stands. 

Seeing that he affects Yoongi this much makes his own fingers tighten around the pair of hips in his hands. This seems to be something that the man takes as an invitation as he turns around and leans forward to kiss at Taehyung’s neck. He tilts his head a bit to the side to offer more access, enjoying the feeling while vaguely hearing him say something about Taehyung driving him crazy. Taehyung doesn’t really register the words because his eyes once again locks with Yoongi’s. He sees how the waitress has turned around as well, pressing her body as close as possible, her arms around his neck. Yoongi, however, is paying her no mind. Instead, he’s looking at Taehyung, eyes moving down to his exposed neck before he almost aggressively grabs the woman and slams their lips together. 

Jealousy is not the right word for what Taehyung is feeling. Sure, he really does wish that it was his lips moving against Yoongi’s. Biting and sucking on that soft, pink, bottom lip. But a better way to explain the feeling surging through him is lust. Hot, steaming, desire. He wants to push Yoongi up against the wall and kiss him senseless. Feel his tongue against his own.
Just as these sinful thoughts run through his mind, Yoongi’s eyes fly open and he stares at him. The look in his eyes making it seem that he’s thinking the same. Wanting the same. 

Taehyung needs a pair of lips on his – now. Before he combusts at the heavy gaze between him and Yoongi. So he grabs the man’s hair and pulls his head back, away from his neck, and smashes their lips together. The man whimpers at Taehyung’s dominance. A sound similar to a growl escapes Taehyung’s throat and it’s all because of the never breaking eye contact with Yoongi. Something about the whole situation, the two of them looking at each other while kissing others, fantasizing about it being a kiss shared amongst themselves. It’s just so dirty, so taboo, and so, so, incredibly hot.
Taehyung feels as if though it’s Yoongi he’s feeling. Their lips moving together. Their bodies grinding together. 

Both kisses deepen as Taehyung and Yoongi remain eye contact. Fuck, how he wishes that it was Yoongi’s tongue he felt in his mouth, his hot breath mixing with Taehyung’s own. He almost feels desperate now as he kisses the man in front of him, wishing it was the raven-haired man across the room. Taehyung sees how the waitress moves her hand down from Yoongi’s neck, over his chest, and closer to his crotch. 


As reality starts seeping back into Taehyung’s clouded mind his eyes widen. The spell is broken. He needs to get away from here – now

He breaks the kiss and apologizes to the man in front of him. He doesn’t miss the hazed and confused state that the other is in before he quickly makes his way over to the bathroom. 


Thankfully no one is in there. Taehyung tries to breathe, to calm down his beating heart. 

What the fuck just happened?!

He moves over to the sink to splash some cold water on his face. It’s not that what just happened wasn’t… enjoyable. It’s just that all the memories of the past, of him, are streaming in. Why? Why is he acting like they’re strangers? Didn’t he value their friendship? It’s the most treasured thing to Taehyung. Something he’s been holding close to his heart his whole life. Dreaming of the moment they’ll see each other again. 

He splashes some more water on his face before he walks to the wall at the end of the tiled bathroom and leans against it, closing his eyes. Feeling the need to just stand there and breath for a moment, to regain his sanity, to suppress the memories and pain. 

Just as his breathing starts to even out again the door to the bathroom swing open. He opens his eyes and of course – it’s Min fucking Yoongi. 

Taehyung takes a deep breath. He just feels so tired

“Here to shove more in my face?”

He looks down at the raven-haired man and narrows his eyes. He has no control left in his body. Somewhere he knows that his behaviour right now isn’t really fair. He’d been all game, teasing just as much as Yoongi had, but he’s just so tired. And it’s not like Yoongi has been fair. Pretending not to know him. Breaking his heart – his soul – like it’s worth nothing more than the dirt under his shoe. 

Yoongi says that he just wanted to make sure Taehyung is okay, making Taehyung feel so many things at once. Shocked at the stupidity because of course he’s not ok. Angry because Yoongi should know this damn well. And then there is that little small traitorous part of himself that feels warm. Warm because Yoongi cares. He cares enough to leave the partner on the dance floor immediately, and rush to him. 

‘But if he cares then why acting as if though you don’t know each other?’


Taehyung scoffs, suppressing that little shitty part of himself, shutting it up. 

“Oh? Sure you didn’t come in here to fuck that girl in front of me, making me watch as the sadistic asshole that you are?”

Taehyung can see Yoongi’s eyes igniting at this as his jaw drops slightly in shock. He’s pissed. 

“Excuse me, what?”

Yeah, he’s not pissed. He looks furious. He has no fucking right to be furious. If anyone should be, it’s Taehyung. He’s the one in pain. He had wanted to embrace the other, forget their hurtful past. Instead, Yoongi had acted like he was nothing. Like what they once had was nothing

“Why are you here, Yoongi? I thought I made it clear. Leave me the fuck alone,.” He pushes himself off the wall, having to clench his fists because they’re trembling with anger. 

“You’re really acting innocent? I was minding my own business until you came out with that boy, letting him suck on your neck like a leech while looking at me, just to get me riled up!” 

“Aw, you jealous, Yoonie? Hm?” Taehyung feels a sting in his chest from using the nickname but doesn’t let that show as he coos at Yoongi. He continues to spit poison at him, calling him a narcissist. 

“You watch your mouth, you little shit. Also – I’m older than you, so you better add honorifics when addressing me, kid.” Yoongi is stepping closer to him now, meeting him in the middle of the room. 

A surge of lust goes through him. Mixing in with the anger in his bloodstream. He has to be severely disturbed to feel turned on right now, he thinks to himself. 

“Yeah? What are you gonna do about it, Yoongi? Hm? What more can you do to me that you haven’t already done?”

This seems to make Yoongi snap. He shoves Taehyung against the wall, splaying his big, rough, hands on the younger’s chest before slowly fisting the fabric of his red blouse. The beautiful contrast of the red silk and Yoongi’s pale, long, fingers is something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Taehyung. 

“I told you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna have to fucking make you.”

Yeah, I’m clearly disturbed because I’m definitely turned on right now,’ Taehyung thinks to himself as he stares at Yoongi with both fury and lust – hunger. The two of them stay like that, just staring into each other’s eyes. The air between them is so static, so loaded. Yoongi is so close. So fucking close. Something in Taehyung’s head snaps. The little self-control he had slowly slipping away. 

Taehyung effortlessly spins them around so that Yoongi ends up being the one with his back against the wall, caged in under Taehyung’s  bigger body, his hands on each side of Yoongi’s head. Their faces are incredibly close, their heavy breathing mixing together. 

“Fuck you,” Taehyung says with a deep voice, coming from deep within his chest. 

“Be my guest,” Yoongi answers as he bites his lip and smirks. Fucking smirks.

An animalistic growl leaves Taehyung before he closes the distance and crushes their mouths together. Yoongi’s lips feel so good as they move against his own. The kiss is nothing close to soft. It’s hungry, passionate, and filled with pent up frustration. 

When Taehyung drops one of his hands from the wall, moving it down to the side of Yoongi’s neck and presses the thumb against his jaw. The response he gets is Yoongi letting go of his shirt, sliding his own hands down Taehyung’s sides, down to his lower back, pulling him closer. His body just follows the pull, their chests now flushed against one another having Taehyung leaning against the wall on his forearm instead of his hand. 

Another growl is pulled from Taehyung when Yoongi takes his lower lip between his teeth, bites down and pulls back, causing Taehyung’s hand to tighten around his neck, thumb pressing harder against his jaw. Yoongi moves his hand up towards the back of Taehyung’s neck, up in his hair where he grabs onto it and pulls hard, making Taehyung hiss. His head gets pulled back, his neck exposed, and he opens his eyes and looks at Yoongi through half-lidded eyes. The lust and desire in the other’s face is evident, Taehyung sees how he’s staring at his neck, licking his lips, looking at it as though it’s food and he’s starving. 

“Seeing something you like?” he asks, his voice deep and velvety.

“I just need to…” Yoongi’s voice trails off and he leans in and starts to suck and bite at his neck and – fuck. Taehyung loses the ability to think straight, eyes rolling back into his head as he revels in the feeling of the other’s lips against his neck, deep moans escaping his throat. He moves his hand to the back of Yoongi’s neck and squeezes hard as he hisses when the other gives a particularly hard bite. 

“Shit, Hyung.”

A beautiful moan escapes Yoongi’s lips and he ruts forward, causing their clothed lengths to touch. The slight friction it gives is delicious and very welcomed. 

“Oh, a Hyung-kink I see,” Taehyung gets out, trying to sound cocky but yet again, his body fails him, his voice coming out strained. 

“I told you I’d make you use the honorifics,” Yoongi says with a smirk as he pulls back to look at him. 

“Points were made,” is all Taehyung replies before he quickly captures the other’s lips again. 

He wants to taste him, feel the tongue that was just licking at his neck. So he licks at Yoongi’s bottom lip, asking for permission to deepen the kiss. The elder instantly grants it to him, parting his lips as he slightly tilts his head. 

He tastes so good, feels so good. Everything about this is just so good. Taehyung’s mind is already spinning, so when both men ruts against each other, causing them both to moan into the kiss, he thinks he might actually die. Every fiber of his body wants Yoongi. Is craving him. So when Yoongi’s hand starts to trail down from his neck, down his body, it feels right. 

Yes, it feels so right. Like this man in front of him was meant for him, made for him. His lips actually sculpted to fit Taehyung’s. Their hearts made together as one before being split into two pieces, put in the two different bodies. 

Not as if I will ever be able to forget you or our friendship. You’re my little annoying friend. My weirdo.

The childhood memory hits him like a punch to the stomach. It’s like someone poured a bucket of ice over his head and he quickly grabs Yoongi’s wrist before his hand reaches the first button on his pants.  

Taehyung feels pain soaring through his body as he takes a step back, his eyes beginning to sting. He looks at Yoongi and sees the same eyes he used to look into so often when he was younger. The eyes that used to bring him such a sense of safety, care, and love. He quickly averts his gaze. Looking into them is way too painful. 

He crakes his hand through his hair, trying to breathe. Trying to not collapse then and there. 

“That… That shouldn’t have happened,” he says. Trying to not wince at his own words. It had felt so right and he knows Yoongi must’ve felt that too. 

“What?! The fuck do you mean ‘shouldn’t have happened’?! What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you trying to mess with my head because you’re doing a damn fine job at it,” Yoongi is raising his voice, rage bouncing off him. 

This makes Taehyung look at him again in complete disbelief, laughing bitterly. How can he say that? Taehyung needs to get out of here. He doesn’t want to give Yoongi the satisfaction of seeing him cry. So he lets the mask fall back, his eyes becoming cold yet again. 

I’m messing with your head? You have got to be kidding me. I fucking hate you.”

And with that, he turns his back to Yoongi, his face contorting in pain as he heads for the door. 


He needs to get out of here. Now. He looks around for Jungkook but can’t see him anywhere. Just as he’s about to give up on finding him he feels a hand on his shoulder. 

“Hyuunnnggg, both you and Yoongi Hyung disappeared. Did you two just get it on in the bathr-” when Jungkook sees Taehyung’s expression, eyes watery and filled with panic, he stops mid-sentence. 

“Taehyung, what’s wrong? Talk to me. What happened?” 

“I need to get out of here. Now, Jungkook. Please, come with me. I can’t- I can’t breathe… Oh god.” Taehyung is rambling.

“Shit, Taehyung, breathe. Jimin, I’ve never seen him like this. I’ve got to-” 

“I know, baby. Of course. Go be with him. I’ll check on Yoongi and I’ll text you later. Just keep an eye on his breathing okay?” Jimin tells Jungkook, his usual playful tone gone and replaced by a professional calmness.

“I’m s-sorry, Jimin-ah,” Taehyung croaks out, trying to get a hold of himself. 

“Don’t be silly, Tae. Jungkook, get him out of here.” 

“Okay. I’ll talk to you later. Love you,” Jungkook says as he quickly pecks Jimin’s lips. 

“Love you too. Now go.”

With that, Jungkook puts an arm around Taehyung and heads for the exit. 

“You’re gonna be okay, Hyung. I don’t know what’s going on between you two but you’re gonna be okay.” 

Taehyung has never been so grateful for having Jungkook as his best friend. His assuring words and support helps Taehyung and he slowly feels his breathing returning to normal as they exit the bar. 

He breaks down in the car. 

He sits together with Jungkook in the taxi, on their way back to his apartment, and he just breaks. It starts with tears silently starting to stream down his face. Then his breath hitches and he chokes slightly before he starts sobbing. His whole body is shaking violently and the pain is evident in the strangled noises that leave his throat. It feels like all the hurt that he’s tried to suppress from the moment his eyes landed on Yoongi at work comes crashing down at him. Racking through his body harder than he could’ve ever imagined with his whole body hurting. 

Jungkook’s hand finds his shoulder and pulls him into a tight embrace as he shushes him while rocking him back and forth, telling him that everything’s going to be okay. Taehyung feels comforted but he can’t stop crying because he knows that it won’t. How could it? The one person that was his best friend, soulmate, the first person he loved outside of his blood family, is now pretending not to know him. Acting as though he hasn’t seen him before in his life. And Taehyung has no idea as to why. 

He hates Yoongi for the pain he’s causing him but more than that he hates himself for still loving him so much. 


It’s been quiet since they came home. Jungkook is sitting in the armchair in Taehyung’s living room while Taehyung sits curled up on the couch, his arms hugging his own legs as he watches out the window not really focusing on anything. Lost in thought. He stopped crying a while ago. He just feels empty, hollow, as his mind thinks back to the river. The promise they made, the warmth of Yoongi’s hand in his… 

After a few more moments he takes a deep breath before he speaks. 

“When I was seven, my parents and I moved to Daegu. At first, I was a little bit upset having to leave my friends from home but Daegu is nice and I quickly adjusted,” Taehyung starts while still looking out the window, making Jungkook look at him as he listens intently. 

“School was tough at first. Not only was I the new kid, but I was very quirky. A little bit of a weirdo, I guess. So there were some kids bullying me, you know how kids can be,” he says looking over to Jungkook who nods. Taehyung looks back out the window and thinks back to that day. 

“One day, one of the kids, Kai, along with some others, was bullying me during recess. Shoving me and calling me ‘Pig Boy’ because of my nose. This was before my handsome face got symmetric and grew into it, you see,” he adds, making both of them chuckle. 

“I always paid a lot of attention to what was going on around me and had heard a conversation amongst the teachers, talking about Kai being such a troublemaker due to his parents divorcing. So as I dusted myself off after being pushed to the ground by him I said that I was sorry for his parents divorcing. I said that he must be going through so much pain and that I’d be there for him if he ever wanted to talk.” 

“Oh my god, did you really?!” Jungkook gasps and Taehyung nods. 

“I did, but it just made him angrier. So he grabbed me by my sweater and I swear he was gonna hit me, I even prepared for the pain. But all of a sudden, he wasn’t holding onto me anymore, and this other kid was in front of me, black hair and scrawny looking. He stood up for me and basically told Kai to fuck off, telling him to never bother me again, and for some reason Kai listened. He and his followers ran off,” Taehyung smiles at the memory of little Yoongi scaring all the kids shitless. 

“Anyway, the kid that saved me and I got to talking. He was two years older than me and even though he was small he had this aura around him. Like a ‘Don’t mess with me’ vibe, you know?” 

Jungkook nods and just looks at him. Waiting for him to continue his story. 

“That kid was Yoongi. And we became best friends. Inseparable really. Until…” Taehyung’s voice trails off and his mind starts to flood with all the painful memories of the reason they got separated. He shakes his head, not wanting to think about that right now. 

“It’s okay, Hyung. You don’t have to tell me that now, or ever, unless you want too,” Jungkook reassures him. 

“I just… I don’t understand why he pretends that he doesn’t know me. I mean, it wasn’t our fault. Not really. Someone else was the real reason we stopped being friends. Sure, I could’ve fought it more but I was a kid. I… I was just a kid.” Taehyung’s voice cracks as his throat contracts, a sob threatening to escape. 

“Hyung, I’m so sorry.” Jungkook says, sounding like he’s processing everything. Taehyung looks at him. There’s an expression on the other’s face, something that Taehyung can’t decipher but he feels too tired to ask. The tension and events of the day along with the crying has left him feeling drained. 

“Hyung, let’s get you to bed, yeah? You should rest. Tomorrow is another day and we will tackle this. I’m here for you and I love you. You know that, right?” 

“I know, Kookie. Thank you. I love you too, and I’ll be alright. I’m sorry if I caused any trouble, and for taking you away from Jimin,” Taehyung says earnestly. 

“Oh, shut up. I’m always gonna be here for you. Besides, Jimin would’ve had my balls if I didn’t come to support you. You know he has a weak spot for you, Tae. I’m pretty sure he might be crushing,” Jungkook says in an attempt to cheer his friend up. It’s successful as Taehyung chuckles a bit, making the younger smile widely as he leads him to bed and tucks him in. 

“Goodnight, Kook.”

“Goodnight, Hyung. I’ll be on the couch if you need me, okay?” 

Taehyung nods, giving a small smile to his friend. He really is lucky to have him in his life. 

As soon as he’s alone again, his mind fills up with all the events from the day, night, and the past. Making him toss and turn. 

He ends up crying himself to sleep. 

The next morning Taehyung wakes up with a pounding head. He didn’t get much sleep and can’t remember if the tears even stopped before he fell asleep, exhaustion and hollowness making him pass out. His eyes are swollen and his lips chapped. He feels so worn out that he’s even considering calling in sick. But he can’t. He never calls in sick and Jin isn’t there today. The staff needs him. 

He hears a light knock on the door. 

“Taehyung, are you up? Can I come in?” Jungook’s soft voice can be heard from outside his bedroom door. 

“I’m up. Come in,” Taehyung is surprised by the croaky sound leaving his throat. He barely recognizes his own voice. 

“Hi… how are you feeling?” Jungkook asks as he enters the bedroom. 

“Like shit. But I’ll live. Don’t worry about me, Kook. I’m gonna shower and then we can head to work.” He doesn’t want to let Yoongi have that control over him. He worked a lot to build what he has at ‘Peaches & Cream’, and he’s not about to let some heartless asshole ruin that for him. 

“Are you sure? I’m sure Jin Hyung wouldn’t mind,” the younger says with eyes full of worry. 

“I’m sure, bun. Stop worrying. Can I shower now or do you want to watch over me in there too?” 

“Ew, no thanks. That’s gay,” Jungkook replies, making Taehyung roll his eyes. 

“Says the guy in a very gay, long-term relationship. I can’t with you.”


When they get to work Taehyung is happy to find it Yoongi-free. Thank fuck for that. He knows that he will have to face the other sooner or later but he’s happy to have more time to mentally prepare for it.
He and Jungkook join the other staff in preparing the café for opening and Taehyung almost forgets about everything for a while, work being a nice and welcomed distraction. 

It isn’t until 20 minutes or so later that the inevitable happens. 

Taehyung is running from the kitchen towards the front of the café to fill up the display case as he stops dead in his tracks. Yoongi is standing with his hand on his office door about to open it, and all the frustration comes flooding back to Taehyung. Mostly he feels humiliated and angry. That he’s wasted tears on someone like Yoongi. Someone that would treat another human like this. So Taehyung just stands there and glares at him, unable to move. 

As if he could feel Taehyung staring daggers into his back Yoongi whips around and meets his eyes. 

“Can I help you with anything?” he asks him and turns back towards his office door. 

Taehyung scoffs. How about an apology? Or a goddamn explanation to this messed up behavior? Of course, Yoongi couldn’t give him at least that. 

Taehyung takes a deep breath and decides to walk away, simply to not knock Yoongi the fuck out. He is exhausted and doesn’t know how much he can control his body at this point. 

As he enters the front of the café Jungkook shoots him a look from the other side of the room as if to ask if he’s okay, and Taehyung gives him a short nod of his head back. Jungkook then clears his throat and announces that it’s time to open for the day which is usually something Taehyung does. He’s terribly grateful that he doesn’t even have to ask Jungkook to do it for him. The younger just knows that today is tough on him and takes over. 

The rest of the day goes as smoothly as it can. Taehyung deals with work and customers like usual, seemingly fine on the outside. On the inside, however, he was in turmoil. At first, he feels nothingness. Completely empty. He then feels sad. Sad because after waiting for so long, almost losing hope of ever seeing him again, this is how their reunion ends up being. Taehyung having to find out that Yoongi is a cold person that would hurt him like this. His sadness then evolves into anger, pure rage. He’s furious. Furious at Yoongi. Furious at himself for letting someone that shitty toy with him like this. He is so fucking furious he can feel it through the bone, his hands trembling, breath coming quicker, almost in pants. He needs to calm down. 

“Hey, I-” Jungkook finds him in the locker room where he is pacing back and forth. 

“Jungkook, I’m so fucking furious. Who the fuck does he think he is? Coming here, pretending like he doesn’t know me. Hurting me like this. Messing with my life!” 

“Taehyung, listen to me. You need to calm down. You can’t let him get to you like this,” Jungkook tries to calm him down but he’s passed his breaking point. 

“Tae, listen to me,” Jungkook raises his voice. That never happens. The younger is usually calm, hard to anger or rile up. So Taehyung stops his pacing and looks at him. 

“Jimin is on his way here. He needs to speak with you. It’s important. He can clarify some things about the whole situation. He told me to tell you to not talk to Yoongi until then. Do you understand?” 

“Clarify what? Yoongi’s disgusting behaviour? What could Jimin possibly tell me that would explain anything about the fuckery that man’s got going on.” Taehyung scoffs and starts pacing again. “Also – why would I talk to that asshole? Actually I should. I should give him a piece of my mind. Put him in his place!” 

Taehyung’s talking to himself, not really hearing Jungkook. Rage consuming him and clouding his mind. 

“Taehyung, I just said-”

“Yeah… that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna go and show him that I’m not to be fucked with!”

Jungkook starts to panic as he grabs Taehyung by the shoulders, doing everything he possibly can to try and calm his friend down. 

“Hyung please, please just wait for Jimin to get here. He’ll help you-” 

“He can’t fucking help me, Jungkook! I’m going and you can’t fucking stop me. I’ve had enough!” Taehyung is shouting now, shaking Jungkook’s hands off him as he storms out of the locker room full with rage, heading towards Yoongi’s office. Jungkook curses under his breath as he runs after him. 

Please, Hyung. Please just wait for Jimin to-,” Jungkook desperately tries to stop Taehyung. Knowing that this can end really badly. 

“I’m done waiting. I told you what’s upsetting me. I told you what he’s done. I told you everything. You were literally with me all night, seeing me bawl my eyes out. Whose friend are you?! I’m done, Gguk. Done!” Taehyung can’t even feel bad for shouting at his friend. He’s so angry, and dead set on confronting Yoongi. 

He pushes the office door open and just stands there for a second as he glares at Yoongi. He’s sitting behind his desk an expression of sheer shock and confusion on his face. Taehyung is furious beyond belief, his chest heaving as he stares at the black-haired man. 

You,” is all Taehyung spits out as he slowly makes his way towards the desk. “I will ask you one more time. What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you trying to hurt me? Why?”

“I-I don’t know wh-,” Yoongi starts to say but Taehyung’s had enough. It’s like some higher force is controlling his body when he moves, so fast, up to Yoongi. Grabbing him by the collar and pulling him up from the chair. 

“Cut the bullshit, Yoongi!” He just can’t take it anymore. He just wants to know why. He missed Yoongi so much, for so, so long, and now he has him here, literally in his hands but he’s doing this. Pretending that he’s nothing, nobody, and it makes Taehyung feel so… insignificant. 

“Just tell me why. I just want- I just need to know wh-,” Taehyung gets interrupted by Jimin all of a sudden flying into the room. 

Taehyung has been friends with the couple for quite some time now. Consider them both his closest friends. But he has never seen Jimin this – scary

“Taehyung that’s enough!” The smaller man’s voice comes out surprisingly deep. His usually warm demeanor is now threatening, as if though he’s ready to attack. “Let. Him. Go.”

Taehyung is frozen in place, blinking at his friend in shock for a moment until he finds his voice. 

“But you don’t know what he-”

“Oh, but I do,” Jimin starts. His glaring eyes move to Yoongi and immediately soften. “Hyung, this is all just a misunderstanding. I need to speak with Tae for a minute okay?” As Jimin address Yoong his voice gets back to its usual calm tone. 

What the fuck? 

“I- Okay,” Yoongi sounds so incredibly confused as he agrees and lets Jungkook lead him out of the office. 

Taehyung just stands there and blinks confused at Jimin’s back, watching as Jimin closes the door and takes a deep breath before he slowly turns to face him. When he meets his eyes they are no longer angry but soft, almost patronizing. But why?

“I don’t want you to get mad at Kookie, but he called me and shared what you told him,” he says after a moment of silence. “If I would’ve known I would have told you this sooner…” 

“What? What’s going on, Jimin?” Taehyung is so confused. What the hell is going on?! 

“What I’m about to tell you won’t be easy to hear, Taehyung. I suggest you sit.” 

“I don’t need-” He tries to protest but stops as soon as he sees Jimin’s pointed glare, and slowly sits down in the chair behind the desk. 

“Yoongi, he… A few months ago he was in an accident. A car accident. He somehow lost control of his car when he was driving in Busan. It went off the road and down the river.  He almost drowned. We don’t really know what happened or what he was doing there and he can’t remember. In fact, there’s a lot he doesn’t remember,” Jimin says mournfully. Taehyung begins to feel sick as he continues, “He suffered some severe head injuries, both from hitting his head but also due to the lack of oxygen from being underwater.” 

“Wait. Jimin, wait,” Taehyung cuts him off, panic swelling in his chest. “You mean to tell me that…He had-” 

“A car accident. I’m sorry Taehyung, but he doesn’t remember you.”

Taehyung can’t breathe. He feels panic starting to claw at him from within his chest. His head is spinning. This explains everything but it also sounds unreal, like something that doesn’t happen in real life. 

He has spent so many years dreaming of when he would properly see his friend again, the other half of his heart. In all scenarios, it was a happy reunion, tears of joy, hugging, kissing. Never in his life would he have guessed that it would be like this. Yoongi not remembering him, not recalling anything of their friendship. Nothing.

“Will he ever…?” Taehyung’s voice trails off. Not being able to form a full sentence as he feels grief washing over him. Painful grief as if someone died. He has his best friend right there, but at the same time he doesn’t. So close but still so far away. 

“I can’t say. The doctor says that there is a chance that his memories would come back one day. But…” 

“He might never remember again…” Taehyung says in a small voice, more to himself than Jimin. 

“Yeah… I’m so sorry, Tae. I can only imagine how painful this must be for you.”

Taehyung doesn’t know what he feels. 

“Why I hurried over here is because in cases like Yoongi’s… When someone suffers from amnesia as he does, it’s important not to try and make them remember. That can cause more damage. His parents tried to force him to remember once. Just after he got discharged from the hospital.” 

Anger starts to boil within Taehyung as Jimin mention Yoongi’s parents. 

“They went behind the doctor’s orders. They took him to his old place and tried to get him to remember. Luckily, I managed to barge in right on time. His father had been yelling at him and there was just panic written all over his face.” 

“His father is a piece of shit,” Taehyung grumbles. He still manages to express his hatred towards the man, even in this shocked, broken state that he is in right now. 

“He truly is,” Jimin agrees. 

“I’ve seen when things are close to coming back to him. Memories. But I think somewhere deep inside he’s scared to remember. And it seems like he feels real physical pain whenever a memory is close to the surface. He always gets panic attacks.” 

Taehyung still can’t fully understand what Jimin is telling him. He needs to get out of here. He wants to go home. Lay in bed and never leave his house again. 

“I need to get out of here,” he whispers, his voice barely there. 

“I’ll drive you home. Jungkook will text Jin Hyung and tell him that you will take a few days off. We’re here for you, Taehyung.” 

He can’t even be bothered to protest. He feels so tired. His head is spinning and he just wants to lie down and close his eyes.

“I just…I can’t. I need to get out of here,” his voice trembles. 

“I’ve got you, Taehyung. I’ve got you…” 


As they leave the office and head for the door, he spots Yoongi. He’s sitting at one of the tables in the dining room with Jungkook when their eyes meet. That’s when the dam within him starts to break. Not aggressively but more like cracks, water seeping out through the broken cement. 

“Jimin, please…” he whispers. His eyes are beginning to sting, tears starting to form as he does his best to tear his eyes away from Yoongi’s, the man looking back at him with confusion but also something else. Something akin to worry. 

“Jimin, please get me out of here,” he says again making his friend walk faster, his arm firmly around Taehyung’s waist. 

As soon as they’re out the door he starts to cry, the dam finally breaking – collapsing. He cries the whole car ride and keeps crying when they finally get home as Jimin holds him, doing his best to comfort his friend.  

I promise.

Not as if I will ever be able to forget you or our friendship. You’re my little annoying friend. My weirdo.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to follow me on twitter or here. I'm nice I promise ^^
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