“Yeah? What are you gonna do about it, Yoongi? Hm?" - “I told you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna have to fucking make you.”
Ratings: Mature
Categories: M/M
Chapter: 2

There’s a knock on the door, “Um, come in,” Yoongi says, trying to pull his shit together. The door opens and Taehyung walks into his office. “It’s 8, Yoongi-ssi. We open now,” he says, bowing slightly, voice polite but cold. 

“You don’t have to bow and be so formal. Jin-ssi told me that we’re all family here so please, know that you can relax around me”, Yoongi’s voice is soft as he tries to ease the tension. Taehyung straightens his back as he looks at him, his big eyes once again searching for something in Yoongi’s.

After a moment, he takes a few quick steps towards Yoongi until he reaches his desk. He firmly puts his hands down on the surface and leans forward, glaring at him, “Then exactly what do you want from me, hm?” He snarls through gritted teeth. He’s so close, all up in Yoongi’s personal space, only a few centimeters between their faces. 

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re playing at, but leave me out of it. We work together but that’s it. I’m not letting you ruin this for me,” he adds, and Yoongi gulps as he feels the other’s hot breath on his face, making him dizzy.

He has never been this confused in his life. What would he be playing at? He can’t think of anything he could’ve possibly done to the other, except declining that hug. Was that so bad? Who just hugs a stranger?! Yoongi could feel himself getting annoyed.

“Ruin this? You mean work? I’m just trying to be nice, Taehyung. I really don’t see the problem here – unless. Did you apply for the manager position? Did I get it over you? Is that why you’re so angry with me?” Yoongi asks, voice a bit louder, his tone both irritated and almost desperate. He really is so confused right now. 

For a few seconds, Taehyung just stares at him, “Wow. Aren’t you just full of yourself?! Jesus… You might be older than me, Yoongi, but that doesn’t mean that you know everything. And I don’t need you to be nice,” he finally bites back. 

‘Oh, so he’s younger than me. Interesting,’ the thought hits him, seemingly out of nowhere, as he feels a familiar hot bubbling run through him, starting at the pit of his stomach. ‘Snap out of it, Yoongi. What is wrong with you?!’ Great, now he addresses himself in his head. He really is losing it.

“Just – don’t talk to me unless it’s work-related. We’re opening, don’t be late,” and with that, the younger turns around and leaves the office, leaving Yoongi to just sit there, staring at the door feeling shocked and confused. He wonders, for the second time that day, why – how – he’s so incredibly turned on right now. 


After collecting himself, Yoongi walks out of the office and into the café area. The first thing he sees is Jungkook talking to Taehyung by the bar, but as the latter spots him coming in, he turns around and walks to the door, turning the sign that hangs there. 

“Alright guys, we’re open. Do your best and don’t forget to smile,” he says, voice warm, completely different from the snarling tone he’d used with Yoongi just moments ago.

Usually, Yoongi isn’t someone that takes shit from anyone. Both his tongue and brain are sharp, so he has no problem with being fast at clapping back. This situation, however, is different. Not only because it’s his first day here, but also because Taehyung is younger than him and has worked here longer. 

That’s at least what Yoongi tries to convince himself to be the reason, but in all honesty, the younger man’s snappy tone and attitude did things to Yoongi. Things he was ashamed of admitting, even to himself. He intoxicated him, and all of his senses, in a way that made his brain short-circuit. 

He didn’t know if he secretly wanted to punish the younger for his attitude, or be the one that got punished by him, but he sure as hell wanted something.

Once again he starts to feel hot and bothered, so he takes a deep breath, plastering on a smile as the bell above the café entrance chimes, and the first guests arrive.


The first half of the day goes relatively smooth. Yoongi might be the new manager but he wants to know how everyone works before he starts managing them. So he spends most of the day going around helping his new colleagues, working the different areas. He joins Jackson in the bar first, then the chefs in the kitchen, and lastly the waiters. 

He spends some time with Jungkook and quickly understands what Jimin sees in him. He’s shy but also very playful, cute but at the same time hot with a well-built body and small waist. Yoongi and the younger get along great and decide that they should hang out and go for lamb-skewers one day. 

On his lunch break, he checks his phone and sees that Jimin messaged him saying that he wants to go out for drinks to celebrate Yoongi’s first day. Luckily there’s a shower in the staff room and Yoongi brought a clean set of clothes with him, so he tells Jimin that he’ll just get ready at work and drive straight to meet him at the bar. It would probably be good to unwind a bit. Have a drink and spend some time with Jimin. Who knows, maybe he’ll pick someone up and get rid of the stress and tension in his body. 

His mind drifts back to Taehyung as he thinks about how it would feel to be pinned down by him, having his big frame hovering over him. Or Yoongi himself above the other, pinning him down, having him squirming and whining for him. Begging for him. 

Yoongi can feel his pants becoming constricted and shakes his head. What is wrong with him? Why is he getting horny like a hormonal teenager? Yeah, he should definitely pick someone up tonight, someone not Taehyung. He needs to get it out, fuck these thoughts out of his system. 

After splashing water on his face to cool-off, Yoongi goes back to work. He sneaks some glances at the younger as he’s working, seeing him smile and laugh with the customers. What had Yoongi done for the other to be so cold and rude to him? It’s like the other has dual personalities, like it was two different people. Just as he thinks that the other walks up to him, a fake smile on his lips. 

“Are you going to stand here all day and stare  or do you plan to actually do your job?” Yoongi’s had enough. 

Smiling a fake smile of his own he looks at the younger, “I’d watch my tone if I were you. Not only am I your manager but I’m also your elder so show me some respect when you talk to me.” 

“Yeah? Or what?” Taehyung asks, tone cocky as he raises one brow, the fake smile turning into a smirk. Yoongi looks him dead in the eye before he drops his voice and says,

“Or I’ll have to make you.” 

He doesn’t miss how the other’s jaw drops, his cheeks turning red as an expression of mixed shock, anger, and confusion flashes over his face, but before he can reply, Yoongi smirks and walks away.

‘That felt good – really damn good,’ he thinks to himself as he goes back to work. 

Taehyung doesn’t interact with him much more after that, and whenever he does, it’s short and strictly work-related. It might be childish, but Yoongi feels a sense of victory flow through his body. At the same time, a small, really tiny part of him hopes that he didn’t cross any boundaries. 

In his defense, the younger had been incredibly rude to him all day for no reason, and it’s only fair that he got to clap back and shook him a bit. 

The day comes to an end and the staff of Peaches & Cream helps with cleaning up before they close for the day. Yoongi goes back to his office to get his bag with clothes and then heads for the showers. 

Walking into the staff room he hears laughter and sees Taehyung and Jungkook messing around. The latter greets him and asks how he feels about work so far to which Yoongi replies, “Well, it’s just the first day but I really appreciate the warm welcome you all have given me.” 

Taehyung scoffs and rolls his eyes, turning to face his locker, grabbing his bag, “Are you coming or not?” he snaps at Jungkook. 

“Yes, can I breath? Damn,” the younger man replies, shooting Yoongi an apologetic look before the two of them head out the door. Now alone in the locker room, he takes a deep breath before getting in the shower, wanting to get ready and leave. He needs that drink. 


“Over here, Mr. Manager,” as soon as he enters the bar he hears Jimin’s voice coming from one of the booths. He looks like his gleeful self, blonde hair bouncing as he jumps up and down, waving his arms. Yoongi smiles and makes his way over to his friend. 

Yoongi felt fresh, no longer wearing his work suit, but instead dressed in a low-cut black T-shirt under his favorite leather jacket. His ripped black jeans exposing his slim, pale legs, and his black hair carefully styled to look messy and out of place. 

Yeah – Yoongi is on the hunt, he does have work tomorrow but still – he needs to fuck the thoughts of Taehyung out of his brain. Especially if he was going to survive being around him all day at work tomorrow. 

“Oh wow, someone’s on the hunt”, Jimin says as if he can read his mind, scanning his Hyung from top to toe, “Got you a whiskey, we are celebrating after all.” 

“Thanks, I definitely need it,” Yoongi says, accepting his drink, taking a big sip of the golden liquid. Jimin looks at him, seeming to be waiting for something until he finally speaks, “Gonna tell me about your first day or…”

The older takes another big sip of his whiskey before putting it back down on the table, holding it between both hands. He looks up at his friend, “The man with the peachy ass is going to be the death of me.” 

He goes on to tell Jimin about the interactions he had with Taehyung. About the first meeting, even though he texted Jimin straight after, about the hot and cold behavior, about his clap back and even about his not-so-pure thoughts. When he’s done he waits for Jimin to say something but he just looks at him, making Yoongi squirm in his seat, before finally saying, “Is it bad that I’m kinda turned on right now?” 

 “Jimin-,” Yoongi groans and puts his face in his hands. 

“Fine. You got it bad,” he says matter-of-factly, “I’m assuming that this is the reason you are in full hunting mode? Trying to fuck it out of your system, huh?” 

“Well, yeah?!” Yoongi glares at his friend, “I have to go back tomorrow, and I can’t let him win like that, can’t let him have that control over me. No, I need to clear this shit out. Tonight,” Yoongi replies, not mentioning that his dick also needs some well-earned relief after the day’s sexual tension and all the impure thoughts.

“Solid plan. Good luck with that,” Jimin says sarcastically over the rim of his glass. 

The two friends continue to drink and talk about everything. Yoongi tells him that he and Jungkook got along great and that they plan to go out for lamb skewers. 

This makes Jimin smile big, a slight blush to his cheeks, “You two are the most important people in my life so it makes me so happy that you get along. You better keep your hands off though, or I will have to kill you.” 

Yoongi snorts, “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to bring Hulk-Jimin up in this bitch. The world ain’t ready,” he says before Jimin playfully slaps his arm. 

They continue to talk about random things, catching up, until all of a sudden Yoongi hears Jimin squeal, “Kookie is here- Babyy, over here!” 

It takes a second for Yoongi’s brain to process this information. Wait, if Jungkook’s here-

Yoongi’s eyes widen, head snapping around and sure enough –  he spots Jungkook approaching their booth, grinning widely with a slight blush to his cheeks, clearly a bit tipsy. A little bit behind him is no other than Mr. mother-fucking-sex-on-legs. The main damn reason Yoongi needed to unwind. 

“What the fuck is he doing here, Minie?” he asks his traitor friend. 

“I swear, I didn’t know they’d be here, Yoonie, but maybe this will break the ice a bit, hm?” Jimin says in a low tone. Yoongi looks back up and as he does, he locks eyes with Taehyung. They stare at each other as the air becomes heavy and static again. He looks him over, taking in his appearance. The younger man is dressed in a red silk blouse that’s been left unbuttoned enough to slide down a bit on his shoulders, showing his sharp collarbone. He’s matched this with skin-tight, black leather pants and his black hair styled to frame his face beautifully, creating a stunning contrast to his golden skin. He looks divine.

Taehyung is staring back at Yoongi, seemingly taking the older in as well, trailing his eyes over his body slowly until their eyes meet again and they both look away. Yoongi feels his pulse quickening, he feels hot all over.

“Sit,” Jimin says to the two men that just arrived, nodding towards the opposite side of their booth, “Let’s get a drink!” Yoongi glares at his friend but is ignored, said friend currently being busy with calling the waitress to place their orders.

“Tae, it’s been too long! Why haven’t you visited?” Jimin asks with a pout as they wait for their drinks to arrive. Taehyung chuckles before ruffling Jimin’s hair, “I’ve missed you too, Minie. I’m sorry. I’ve been working on some paintings, gotta work on that dream, you know?” 

At that moment, the waitress returns, serving them their orders before turning to face Yoongi. “Is there anything else I can get you?” she asks, eyes scanning Yoongi from head to toe. 

“No, thanks,” he replies, one corner of his mouth lifting a little as he notices her obvious flirting. 

“If you need anything, I’ll gladly help, just call me over,” to which Yoongi hums and the waitress leaves, swaying her hips and giving him one last look over her shoulder. 

He turns back to take a sip of his drink but pauses when his eyes meet Taehyung’s burning ones, an unreadable expression on his face. Yoongi gulps before he awkwardly asks, “So you’re an artist?” Taehyung looks at him for a second longer before he averts his eyes, picks up his glass, and takes a big gulp, not answering the question. 

Jimin and Jungkook exchange a look before the youngest of the group speaks up, “He is! He got one of his works featured a few months ago. I’ve never met someone that works as hard as Hyungie,” Junkook’s eyes seem to sparkle with admiration as he looks at his best friend. 

The other smiles a bit at that, “You’re adorable,” he says while pinching the cheeks of the younger man, who pouts and says, “Am not,” getting the other 3 to chuckle at his cute, childlike behavior. 

After that, the tension eases up slightly, making it a bit easier to breathe, but just a bit. He still can’t help himself, eyes going over to the handsome man across the table. It feels like the blood in his veins is on fire. He is so frustrated by Taehyung’s behavior towards him, and it bothers him that he even cares. He also kind of wants to reach his hand out and just touch the younger, drag his own long, pale fingers across the other’s golden skin, seeing the contrast. 

Jimin clears his throat, making Yoongi snap back to reality as he looks up and sees the other 3 men looking at him, Jimin with an amused expression on his face. 

“Hm?” Yoongi asks dumbfounded, embarrassed to have been caught staring. He needs a distraction – as soon as fucking possible. 

“I asked if we should order another round, Hyung,” Jimin says, shit-eating grin on his face. 

“God yes,” Yoongi replies. Taehyung is just looking at him, expression somewhat curious until it quickly changes to the cold mask once again. 

They order their drinks and while they wait, a guy approaches their table, eyes glued determinedly on Taehyung. He says hi to everyone before he leans forward whispering something in Taehyung’s ear, putting his hand on his thigh. 

For some reason, this ignites a fire within Yoongi, and he just glares at the hand resting on Taehyung’s thigh, as if he is hoping to stare a hole into it. Taehyung chuckles, a deep, low, sultry sound, and nods to whatever the man is whispering in his ear. All of a sudden his eyes snap up and meet Yoongi’s. His gaze is heated and it feels like he’s looking straight into Yoongi’s soul. He then grabs the man by the back of his neck, turning his head, and whispers something back. The man listens intently before he nods his head, blushing and then he leaves. 

“What did he want?” Jungkook asks with a smirk. 

“Shortly put, he wanted to dance,” Taehyung says casually before lifting his eyes, looking at Yoongi with that same heated gaze as before, “Told him I’ll grab him after I finish my drink.” 

Jungkook whistles, “He’s in for a treat. I’ve seen those hips move,” he says, making everyone laugh. 

Everyone except for Yoongi.

That smug little piece of shit. 2 can play that game, I’ll show him’ is all Yoongi thinks before, suddenly, the waitress from earlier comes up to them. Her working outfit gone, replaced by a tight dress, showing her curvy form. Yoongi looks her over and when he reaches her eyes he purposely sticks his tongue out, sliding it across his bottom lip slowly, the woman tracking the movement closely with her eyes. 

“You changed your clothes? I like it,” he says with a smirk. 

She giggles nervously, a faint blush painting her cheeks, “Yeah, I-, my shift just ended and I thought- I heard that you ordered some drinks and thought I’d serve you myself before I head out.” The woman is a stuttering mess and Yoongi knows he has her exactly where he wants her. 

He wraps his long fingers around her wrist, pulling her closer, “Why don’t you stay for a bit? How about I finish my drink and we dance a little, hm? You said that you’d gladly help if I need anything and I think I might just take you up on that offer,” he feels the shiver that runs through her body. 

“O-okay,” she says, all boldness from earlier completely gone. 

He leans in, letting his hot breath caress the tip of her ear before he whispers, “Good girl.” He feels how her knees tremble at his words.

He turns to grab the drink that the waitress had placed on the table before she had become a trembling mess. Jungkook is staring at him, looking both surprised and in awe, Taehyung seems to be looking at him with a mix of disgust and something else that Yoongi can’t decipher, and Jimin, he’s shaking his head with a smirk on his lips, looking down and swirling the drink in his hands. 

Yoongi quickly sweeps down the liquid in his glass before he turns to the woman and offers his hand. She gladly takes it and they head off to a more open area, some people already dancing to the beat pouring out from the speakers. Since it’s not a club, the music isn’t overbearing, but still loud enough for Yoongi to feel it starting to seep through his body, cleansing his thoughts and taking him over. The waitress places her back against Yoongi’s chest and starts to sway her hips to the music. He’s enjoying how her body feels against him and for a moment he almost forgets about the man that’s been clouding his mind all day. 

It doesn’t last long. The woman in front of him starts to slowly grind against him and as he places his hands on her hips and looks up he spots Taehyung and the man from earlier on the other side of the area they’re in. 

The bar has wide pillars reaching from the floor to the roof and Taehyung’s standing in front of one, pinning the man against it while supporting himself with his right hand next to the man’s head. His left hand is holding the other by the hip, a seductive smile on his lips. 

They seem to be having a conversation. Taehyung’s sharp eyes looks at the man before he laughs and tilts his head back, exposing his neck. Yoongi stumbles for a second before regaining control over his feet. 

How he would love to bite and suck on that neck. Mark it up beautifully while the other squirms and begs him for more. He feels himself getting hard, the woman grinding on him seems to think that it’s thanks to her, taking it as an encouragement to grind down a bit harder on him. To be honest, Yoongi kind of appreciates the friction it creates as it offers a small sense of relief even though it’s still not enough. 

As Taehyung finishes laughing, he straightens his head slowly and that’s when he locks eyes with Yoongi. Once again it’s as if time stops. They just look at each other, the air around them becoming charged and heavy, Yoongi’s throat and lips go dry and he flicks his tongue out and licks them without even thinking. 

Taehyung’s eyes snap down to Yoongi’s lips, following the movement of his tongue, darkening with lust. The man he has pinned against the pillar had been caressing his chest, now moving his hand up to his jaw, Taehyung says something to him, eyes still locked on Yoongi, and offers his hand. The two men then move to the other side of the pillar so that Taehyung has his back leaning against it, facing Yoongi’s direction, with the man now in front of him, grinding on him the same way the waitress is on Yoongi. 

Taehyung places his hands on the man’s hips and starts to roll his own, and Yoongi instantly understands what Jungkook meant earlier. He rolls his hips with such smooth, precise movements and Yoongi can only imagine what those hips could do, the different ways they could make him scream and cry out in pleasure.

Due to those thoughts clouding his mind, as well as the scene in front of him, his grip on the waitress’ hips tightens, and he can see that Taehyung’s slender fingers are doing the same on the pair of hips they’re holding. As if the two people dancing in front of them share the same mind they stand up and turn around to face the men they’re grinding on. 

The man that had been grinding on Taehyung leans forward to kiss at his neck, the younger tilting his head a bit to the side to offer more access, dark eyes once again locked with Yoongi’s. The waitress has her arms around Yoongi’s neck, her body pressed as close as possible to his, still swaying her hips to the beat. Upon seeing Taehyung once again baring his beautiful neck, Yoongi growls and grabs the woman in front of him by the jaw and slams their lips together in a hungry kiss. It isn’t really her lips that he hungers for but it’ll have to do. 

The woman sighs into the kiss, continuing to grind against Yoongi, her hands moving to grab the hairs on the back of his neck as she moves her lips against his. She pulls his hair slightly and Yoongi hisses into the kiss, eyes springing open, meeting Taehyung’s. 

The younger’s eyes are dark and hungry as he looks at Yoongi, his hand moves to the hair of the man that’s sucking at his neck, fisting it before pulling his head back, connecting their lips. The two work colleagues are looking at each other while kissing other people and Yoongi thinks this is the hottest thing he has ever experienced. 

It feels like they are competing with each other, about god knows what, but even more than that, it feels like they are kissing each other. Caressing each other’s bodies. Yoongi can almost taste Taehyung’s plump lip between his own as he bites down on the lip in his mouth. He can almost feel Taehyung’s slender hands in his hair tugging and pulling, his skillful hips moving against Yoongi’s own instead of the waitress’. 

Both kisses have deepened, tongues dancing around, hands touching everywhere. Taehyung and Yoongi are still looking at each other, almost desperate now and it isn’t until the woman moves her hands towards Yoongi’s crotch that the spell is broken.

Taehyung’s eyes widen for a moment before he breaks the kiss with the man in front of him, mumbling something that looks like an apology. He then turns and quickly walks towards the bathrooms, his hair messy and shiny lips swollen, leaving the man that was just his prey flustered and confused, touching his own lips as if he can’t believe what just happened.

Yoongi grunts and moves back from the woman’s hand, grabbing her wrist when she follows his movement without letting up. She tilts her head and looks at him through her lashes, ”Why baby? I thought you wanted me to help you,” she says, voice smooth and seductive. 

“Yeah, so did I. I’m really sorry,” Yoongi means it, he used her, wishing she’d been someone else. The woman says something back to him but he doesn’t hear it, already on his way to the bathrooms to check on Taehyung, to make sure he’s okay.


Who the fuck knows…


Yoongi hurriedly opens the door to the bathroom. It’s empty except for one Kim Taehyung leaning against the wall, his eyes springing open, meeting Yoongi’s as he enters. The younger’s face looks wet like he just splashed water on it, his hair pulled back leaving his forehead exposed.

He carries a tired expression on his face as he takes a deep breath, “Here to shove more shit in my face?”, he says, eyes looking down on Yoongi.

“What? No, I-, I just wanted to see that you’re okay,” Yoongi says with a gentle tone to his voice. It’s true, he really wants to know that nothing is wrong. That Taehyung is okay. 

Taehyung scoffs, “Oh? Sure you didn’t come in here to fuck that girl in front of me, making me watch as the sadistic asshole that you are?”

Yoongi’s jaw drops, how dare he?! “Excuse me, what ?” he asks the younger, feeling himself getting angry. No – furious! 

“Why are you here, Yoongi? I thought I made myself crystal clear. Leave me the fuck alone,” the younger says, pushing himself off the wall, clenching his fists.

Yoongi just stares at the younger in disbelief, he can’t be serious. “You’re really acting innocent? I was minding my own business until you came out with that boy, letting him suck on your neck like a leech while looking at me, just to get me riled up!” Oh, Yoongi is mad now. Real mad.

“Aw, you jealous, Yoonie? Hm?” Taehyung coos at him, literally coos at him. The younger man gets closer, voice louder now, “How big is your ego for you to think that everything revolves around you?! How narcissistic can you be to try and pin the blame on me when you’re the one walking around here like you know nothing .” 

“You watch your mouth, you little shit. Also – I’m older than you, so you better add honorifics when addressing me, kid,” Yoongi spits as he walks towards the younger, meeting him in the middle of the bathroom.

“Yeah? What are you gonna do about it, Yoongi? Hm? What more can you do to me that you haven’t already done?” Somewhere in the back of his angry, intoxicated, and lustful mind Yoongi registers the words, wondering what exactly he has ‘already done’ to the other. That thought, however, gets pushed aside as he shoves the younger back against the wall, big hands splayed over Taehyung’s wide chest before he fists the fabric, “I told you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna have to fucking make you.”

Taehyung just stares at him, his eyes burning with fury but also something akin to want. They stay like that for what feels like an eternity, just looking into each other’s eyes, searching, waiting. And then it happens. Taehyung spins them around with ease, Yoongi ending up with his back against the wall, caged in by Taehyung’s big frame, his hands against the cold tiles, one on each side of Yoongi’s head. 

“Fuck you,” the taller man says, his voice low, the words coming from deep within his chest, their faces so close. 

Yoongi bites down on his bottom lip, “Be my guest,” he breathes with a smirk and Taehyung nothing but growls, before he leans down, closing the distance, and smashes their lips together. 

Yoongi is intoxicated by everything that is Taehyung, the taste of his lips, his smell, the sound of their mouths moving together. He feels himself getting light-headed. The younger’s right-hand leaves the wall to instead hold the side of the other’s neck, thumb pressing beneath his jaw. Yoongi responds by letting go of the taller man’s blouse, hands sliding to his sides to pull him closer, wanting to feel as much of him as possible. Taehyung shows no resistance as he follows the pull with his body, switching to instead lean against the wall on his left forearm. 

The kiss is nothing close to soft. It’s passionate, angry, hot and dirty, leaving both men feeling weak at the knees. Needing more, Yoongi roughly takes Taehyung’s bottom lip between his teeth, biting down as he simultaneously pulls it back. This draws another growl from the man in front of him, causing his grip around Yoongi’s neck to tighten.

Now, there’s something the older wants to do, needs to do. With this in mind, he moves his hands up towards the other’s neck and then up in his hair. He grips onto the strands and pulls hard. The younger’s head tilts back as he hisses, delicious neck now on display. 

“Seeing something you like?” Taehyung asks, not missing the way he licks his lips before biting down on his lip. 

“I just need to-,” Yoongi’s voice trails off as he leans in to suck and bite at the neck in front of him. Taehyung tastes amazing, his smell making Yoongi delirious, only wanting more. Taehyung’s chest is heaving, sweet deep moans leaving his lips. His hand moves from the side of Yoongi’s neck to the back of it, squeezing slightly as he hisses at a particularly hard bite. 

“Shit, Hyung”. 

Yoongi can’t help the moan that escapes him and he ruts forward, causing their clothed lengths to touch, creating some delicious friction. 

“Oh, a Hyung-kink I see,” Taehyung says, trying to sound cocky but not able too, his voice too strained. 

Yoongi pulls back and looks at him. “I told you I’d make you use the honorifics,” he says with a smirk. 

“Points were made,” Taehyung replies quickly before capturing the other’s lips again. 

He licks Yoongi’s bottom lip, asking permission to deepen the kiss and the older instantly complies, spreading his lips slightly, and grants Taehyung access. They explore each other’s mouths, tongues swirling together, fighting for dominance. 

They rut against each other again causing them both to moan into the kiss. After some time, Yoongi wants more and lets his hands trail down the other’s body. As he gets close to the first button of his pants, the other pulls back, straightening his back. 

It’s as if though someone poured a bucket of ice on the younger. He looks at Yoongi before quickly averting his eyes, carding his fingers through his hair.

“That… That shouldn’t have happened,” he says, not able to look at Yoongi who’s just staring at him for a moment before finally finding his voice.

“What? The fuck do you mean ‘shouldn’t have happened’?!” He feels his blood beginning to boil. How can Taehyung say that it shouldn’t have happened when it had been so right? He knows he felt it too. His hard dick giving him away. Yoongi can’t hold back his rage anymore as he explodes. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you trying to mess with my head because you’re doing a damn fine job at it.”

Taehyung finally looks at him, a look of disbelief before laughing bitterly, “I’m messing with your head? You have got to be kidding me.” He’s looking at Yoongi again, his eyes back to being cold as he says, “I fucking hate you.” Then he turns around and heads for the door, leaving Yoongi alone in the empty bathroom, chest still heaving, dick still hard, wondering – yet again – what the fuck just happened.

After the shock subdues, he leaves the bathroom to find Jimin. To his surprise, he’s standing outside the bathroom door already waiting for him. 

“Did I not tell you to not shit where you eat, Hyung?” he asks his friend. 

“Not funny. We need to leave – Now,” Yoongi says, his voice strained. Jimin looks him over. 

“I didn’t say it was funny. Taehyung grabbed Kookie saying he needed to leave, begging Kookie to go with him. What the fuck did you do?” 

The older stops in his tracks, the anger from earlier still lingering. “Me? I didn’t do anything. I didn’t ask for any of this. Whose friend are you?!” he asks, instantly regretting raising his voice. 

He’s just so confused, frustrated and most of all – he’s tired. Jimin scans his face. “Ok, I’m sorry. I didn’t think that- I didn’t think. I shouldn’t have assumed anything. Let’s get you home, hm?” and with that, the two friends leave the bar and head to Yoongi’s place where Jimin tucks him into his bed before heading home. 


Yoongi wakes up to his alarm the following morning, feeling like utter shit. He’s a bit hungover but not too bad, his 26-year-old body still able to handle drinking well, not as well as 6 years ago but he shouldn’t complain. 

The biggest reason as to why he feels like shit is that he remembers everything from the night before. The waitress. The leech. The competition and heated looks shared between him and Taehyung, and – the bathroom. He remembers everything that unfolded in that godforsaken bathroom so vividly. 

All the times he’d blacked out, not remembering a night of drinking, he had to remember this one?! He feels his body getting hot as vivid images flash through his mind. Taeyhung’s dark gaze, his lips, his big hands touching everywhere, Yoongi’s own lips on that delicious neck of his. 

He shakes his head, instantly regretting it as he feels a headache coming on. So he gets out of bed and decides to head straight for the shower to try and wash away the memories from the previous night. 

After getting dressed, Yoongi grabs his keys and his phone, not even checking it knowing there are messages from Jimin waiting. He knows he will need to explain sooner or later, his friend probably worried but decides that later sounds better than sooner and heads out the door and to his car. The drive to work goes annoyingly smooth and he arrives at ‘Peaches & Cream’ in no time. 

Just like the previous day, some tables are already set up on the outside meaning that some of the staff must be here already. Please, let him not be here yet. It’s too damn early for that shit, he thinks as he gets closer to the double-doored entrance to the café. With the hand on the handle, he repeats his mantra, ‘Calm as the river, calm as the river, calm as the river,’ before opening the door. 

Most of the staff are preparing to open, and so far so good. No Taehyung. Yoongi exhales, letting out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. On his way to his office, he smiles and greets his colleagues. Jin isn’t in today but he had told Yoongi to call him if there’s anything urgent and to otherwise direct his questions to the one-who-shall-not-be-named.

Yoongi’s meant to spend today in his office, looking over paperwork, learning about the numbers and profits of the café. This is something most finds excruciating but Yoongi had always been good with numbers, not only that but of all days, he was glad that today blessed him with an excuse to hide out in his office. On his way there he bumps into Jungkook.

 “Oh, hi, Hyung. Yesterday was fun. Mostly. Let’s do it again soon, yeah?” the younger says, looking a bit nervous, before quickly running off. That was weird, Yoongi thinks to himself before he opens the door. Before he can go in, however, he feels a shiver running down his spine and quickly turns to look behind him. There stands Taehyung with his eyes red-rimmed, probably from being hungover, staring at him with a cold glare. 

“Can I help you with anything?” Yoongi asks as he turns back towards his office door. The younger scoffs and then leaves, not answering. Ok, that was weirder,  Yoongi thinks before he hurries into his office, not wanting any more interactions with anybody. 

He meant to answer Jimin’s texts the moment he’d arrived at the café but instead ends up diving into work as soon as he sits down by his desk, forgetting all about his phone. He’s thankful that he has a lot to do, his mind fully occupied, kept busy. Like this, he doesn’t have to think about the stupidly handsome man currently walking around outside these walls. 

The day goes on smoothly. Yoongi gets a lot of work done and ends up having way more knowledge than before he started that day. He takes a moment to appreciate where his life is at right now. He has a great job as a manager at a surprisingly successful café. An amazing best friend, always there for him. His boss is kind, understanding and down-to-earth, and he has great supportive colleagues. Well… Most of them. Yoongi starts thinking about Taehyung again, what on earth did he mean by the things he said before leaving the bathroom? What is it that Yoongi has done that could possibly be so bad? 

His train of thought gets interrupted when he hears a commotion outside. Loud voices shouting. It’s evening now, the café’s closed for the day, only the staff is left to clean up and prepare for tomorrow. What the hell is going on?

Please, Hyung. Please just wait for Jimin to-,” Yoongi heard Jungkook say in a desperate tone, voice sounding like it was coming closer. 

“I’m done waiting. I told you what’s upsetting me. I told you what he’s done, I told you everything. You were literally with me all night, seeing me bawl my eyes out. Whose friend are you?!” Taehyung’s voice is loud, sounding so angry, so upset – so pained. “I’m done, Gguk. Done!”

All of a sudden Yoongi’s office door flies open. Taehyung’s chest heaving up as he stares at him.

You,” he spits before slowly approaching the desk. Yoongi just looks at the bewildered man in front of him, his eyes wide in confusion. “I will ask you one more time. What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you trying to hurt me? Why?”

“I-I don’t know wh-,” Yoongi can’t even finish his sentence before Taehyung is just there, in front of him, pulling him up from where he was sitting by the collar of his suit. 

“Cut the bullshit, Yoongi,” the younger is snarling through his gritted teeth, nostrils flaring. In the corner of his eye, Yoongi can see Jungkook starting to walk towards them, an expression of sheer panic on his face. 

“Just tell me why. I just want- I just need to know wh-,” Taehyung’s expression changes. His eyes are glistening and he looks pleading, desperate, but he gets interrupted and what comes next happens so fast. 

Yoongi barely hears the bell above the café entrance before Jimin comes flying in.

 “Taehyung, that’s enough!” his voice is that deep tone again, like when he barged into that apartment all those months ago. 

Let. Him. Go,” he says, every word like a punch and Tahyung just looks at him, blinking in shock. 

“But you don’t know what he-,” Taehyung starts. 

“Oh, but I do. You should’ve listened to Gguk and waited for me,” Jimin says before turning to face Yoongi. 

“Hyung, this is all just a misunderstanding. I need to speak with Taehyungie for a minute, okay?” Jimin’s voice is back to being soft, calm and collected as he addresses him.

“I-, Okay,” Yoongi replies, not really understanding what’s going on.

“Great. Kookie, can you please take Hyung out, make sure he’s okay? Tae and I are just gonna have a quick chat,” Jimin is looking at Taehyung now, there is something in his eyes, something that looks almost like pity. 

Jungkook does what he’s told and places his hand on Yoongi’s back, leading his very confused Hyung out of the office. Yoongi’s still trying to process what just happened, wondering what Jimin possibly could’ve meant by saying he knows. He wants to be in his office now, and hear what’s going on. Wants to know what kind of misunderstanding possibly could have caused this.

He trusts Jimin. Trusts that his best friend will tell him after he’s spoken to Taehyung. And he knows better than to go against the feisty male when he’s in this state. He just wishes that he was there, in the office, hearing what was being said. 

And if Yoongi would’ve been there, right at this moment, he would hear Jimin’s sad, soft voice as he tells Taehyung, “A car accident. I’m sorry, Taehyungie, but he doesn’t remember you.”

Thank you for reading! I'll update the third chapter as soon as I can. Feel free to let me know what you think!
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