Yoongi wakes up in a hospital bed not remembering what happened to put him there. His best friend, Jimin, is by his side and stays there throughout Yoongi’s recovery. He has a tough journey ahead of him, struggling with anxiety and strange dreams about a river and a faceless boy. His dreams feel oddly familiar, but no matter how much he tries, Yoongi can’t quite place them. Throughout his life, rivers have always had a calming effect. Most probably due to the fact of him growing up so close to one, back in Daegu. So whenever anxiety hits him badly he thinks about it and instantly calms down. Restarting his life isn’t easy but with Jimin’s help he gets a new job as a manager at a charming cafe in Seoul, owned by an even more charming man called Seokjin, and everything seems to finally fall in place for Yoongi. That is until he gets introduced to the unbelievably handsome staff coach, who seems to despise him for no apparent reason.
Ratings: Mature
Categories: M/M
Relationships: TaeGi
Chapter: 1


The two young best friends are sitting under the cherry blossom trees by the riverside of the Nakdong River in Daegu. It’s spring, so the trees are in full bloom and the yearly cherry blossom festival is going on around them. The younger boy leans his head on his Hyung’s shoulder.

“Did you know that this river is the longest one in South Korea? It served several purposes for the people for centuries. Keeping them alive and helping with navigation and trading,” his voice is soft, laced with warmth. 

“No, I didn’t know that,” the older boy replies, smiling softly against the brown strands of hair on top of his dearest friend’s head. 

”Well, now you do”, the younger counters, his voice is playful. He always had a habit of picking up random facts like these, then sharing them with the older boy, not really caring if he’s interested or not. 

The friend would always listen anyway. 

“I call it ‘the undying river of life’,” he continues, the older leaning his head on the younger’s while listening intently. “Our bond is like this river, you know? It will live on and flow for centuries. Even when we are no longer here, walking this earth.” 

The younger’s voice is confident, as if what he’s saying is a fact written in books taught to the children in schools. He removes his head from the older boy’s shoulder and looks at him, gaze strong and determined.

  “Let’s always remember this place and whenever we feel lost or sad, we come back here to remember. To remember that we’ll always have each other.” The older boy looks into the other‘s eyes, surprised by their sudden seriousness. 

After a moment’s silence, he ruffles his hair, chuckles, and says, “You always know these random things. Maybe save up some of that brain space for knowledge that you’ll actually need, hm?”

“I’m serious!” The youngest boy says while giving him a light shove. 

“Promise me, Hyung?”

Trying to stifle his chuckles, the older lifts his hands up in defeat and answers, “Okay, okay! I promise!”

“You promise…?” The younger drag, brows raised while gesturing with his hands for his Hyung to continue. 

Even though the oldest of the boys might joke around with the other a lot, he truly sees him as his best friend – Soulmate even – but when it comes to expressing his feelings,  the younger has always been the better out of the two, something that the older had always admired. This, however, is something that hits him deeply, seeing how determined the younger is and feeling how much he means it. 

So at first he shyly looks away, taking a deep breath. He then looks back up and locks eyes with the other boy. All traces of shyness are gone, replaced by determination burning in his eyes. 

“I promise to always remember that our friendship and bond is like the Nakdong River, the undying river of life. Our bond will, like it has, flow forever, even when we’re gone. And whenever I feel lost or sad I will come back here, even if it’s mentally – since I’m gonna be famous and living the dream in a cool city somewhere – Ouch!” The younger pinches his arm as a punishment for being incapable of staying serious for more than 0.2 seconds. “Seriously. I promise,” he says while rubbing the spot that the other pinched, warm smile on his lips as he reaches out his hand. 

For a few seconds, the younger looks at it. His heart warm, thinking of the coping mechanism they put in place for whenever they have an argument, make a promise or go through – well anything. He looks back up at his Hyung, flashing a bright smile while taking his hand.

“I promise too,” he says. 

The older returns the smile, “Not as if I will ever be able to forget you or our friendship. You’re my little annoying friend. My weirdo.” 

This time the oldest manages to catch the other’s wrist when he tries to hit him. He grabs both of the younger’s hands in one of his own and starts tickling his best friend until they’re both out of breath, lying in the grass under the blossom trees by the river bend of Nakdong River. Filled with joy and happiness. 

No idea of what turbulence the future has in store for them.



Yoongi wakes up in a way he’s come accustomed to in the last few months. Disoriented, body soaked in sweat, heart racing with panic and despair tugging at his chest. The strange dreams started after waking up in the hospital that day, all those months ago. Tonight, it was the most occurring one that disrupted his sleep. The one with the river and the faceless boy, tightly gripping his hand. 

Whenever we feel lost or sad – or need to remember. Let’s meet back here, yeah? Promise, Hyung? 

Yoongi tries to rub the sleep out of his eyes and throws a look at the alarm clock – 4:03. He still has 2 hours until his alarm clock will go off and he needs to get ready for work. He turns around and slowly puts his feet on the cold floor. Still half asleep, he goes into the kitchen, takes out a glass from the cupboard above the sink, and fills it with water.

While drinking, he leans against the counter, looking around his small, yet cozy apartment. 


Some months ago, Yoongi woke up in the hospital. After telling the doctor that he couldn’t recall what had happened to put him there, they informed him that he’d been in a car accident. His best friend, Jimin, had been by Yoongi’s side from the moment he woke up, never once leaving. He’d also been really supportive throughout his recovery and still is. Yoongi had a hard time remembering Jimin and their memories together clearly, everything a bit blurry right after he woke up, but he was so grateful that the best friend had stayed by his side throughout his time at the hospital. Yoongi’s parents greeted Jimin warmly when they saw him – well, his father as warm as he could muster. 

His parents came to the hospital as fast as they’d been able to and the doctor asked to speak with them in private. Yoongi didn’t really understand why the doctor wanted to speak with them alone since he was a grown-ass man, but after seeing his mother break down he thought that might’ve been the reason. When he got discharged, his mother and father picked him up, Jimin was supposed to be there with them but for some reason, his parents picked him up earlier than what they’d initially agreed on. The car ride had been tense, with his parents avoiding to answer any of his questions as to where they were going and where Jimin was. 

They took him to a luxurious penthouse suite, the interior of the place was insane. Designer furniture, ridiculous art pieces as well as a full glass wall in the living room, showing the terrace and amazing view. He looked around some more and saw different photos of nature, instruments and – of him. What was this place? Who did it belong to? Maybe it was his father’s suite that he used whenever he was in Seoul for business. Yoongi had been full of questions while he also felt an unsettling feeling starting to boil beneath his skin.

His parents looked at him, his mother’s eyes pleading when she softly asked, “Honey, do you recognize this place?”

Yoongi looked back at her, confusion written on his face. That’s when the unsettling feeling started to grow – rapidly. For some reason, he slowly began to feel panic tugging at his chest. His lungs felt constricted. 

“What do you mean? Eomma, what is this? Why are there pictures of me here? I-I don’t know what’s going on,” Yoongi said, stumbling over his words while feeling the panic overtaking him, making breathing difficult.

His father had scoffed before clicking his tongue, “Oh, for God’s sake, this is ridiculous. Snap out of it, son! You know damn well what this place is, it’s-” 

The elevator doors of the suite opened and Jimin barged in, his whole demeanor radiating fury. It was hard to believe that the little soft, kind, and sweet Jimin could be this scary.

“What the hell is going on here and what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Jimin growled, his voice deeper than Yoongi had ever heard it before. His mother shamefully looked down while Yoongi’s father opened his mouth to speak, but before he was able to say anything Jimin lifted his hand while staring the older Min down. 

“Not. A. Word,” the young man spat. He then looked at Yoongi and his face immediately softened and he smiled. How someone could switch like that was still a mystery to Yoongi. 

“Hyung, please wait here. I’m just gonna have a quick word with your parents.” 

Yoongi gave a quick nod before he looked between the three, confused and still slightly shocked by Jimin’s duality. The friend led the couple out on the big terrace while Yoongi sat on the couch in the big living room. This meant that he could see them but not hear what they were saying. Jimin was red in his face, vein sticking out on his neck, fury clear in his movements, and by the looks of it, his voice raised. Both of his parents were looking away like two children being scolded. When they came back in, Yoongi’s mother was looking down, her cheeks and eyes red, it was obvious that she had been crying. Jimin was smiling at Yoongi like he hadn’t just turned into a mini-version of the Hulk, and Yoongi’s father, he was looking away with a strained, unreadable expression on his face. 

“How are you feeling, Hyung? You looked a bit… tense, when I walked in,” Jimin asked, his eyes full of worry. 

“Walked in? You mean, barged in here like the Hulk?! A very tiny Hulk, but still…” Yoongi replied, trying to ease the tension. “I’m fine – now. But I’d like to leave.”

Honestly, he had no idea what the fuck was going on but he felt too tired to care at that point. He just wanted to leave. 

Jimin smiled at him. “Then leave we shall.”

The younger man turned towards Yoongi’s parents, his warm caring tone gone and replaced by cold sternness when he said, “You heard him, let’s go.”

Then he put his arm around Yoongi and started to walk towards the elevator to leave until he heard Yoongi’s father mumbling something under his breath. 

He turned around sharply. “Sorry, what was that?” Yoongi’s father didn’t reply so Jimin turned back. “Thought so.” 

Yoongi has to admit, if their relationship wasn’t so platonic, he definitely would have been turned on by Jimin’s feistiness. 

Later on, Yoongi rented an apartment – this apartment – wanting to start fresh after his near-death experience. He still has no clue what was said between Jimin and his parents that day and is still confused about the place his parents took him to. According to Jimin, the suite had been a gift from his filthy rich father, but something didn’t sit right with him. He still feels like there’s more to it but has decided that he will find out the truth sooner or later and instead wants to focus on getting his life back on track – for now. 


Yoongi chuckles lightly at the memory of mini-Hulk Jimin as he refills his glass, feeling dehydrated after sweating so much, and brings it with him to bed. 

He’s so tired but knows that there’s no point in trying to go back to sleep yet, his mind still spinning like it always was after this particular dream of his. The feeling of familiarity is so strong and he also feels such a deep feeling of care – love – towards the faceless boy. Who is he? Is he real? Why is he haunting Yoongi’s dreams? 

Please promise me, Hyung. 

He recognizes the voice so strongly. The best way to explain what Yoongi feels is an annoyance – frustration. It feels like an itch that couldn’t be scratched or the feeling you get when trying to remember the name of a song and it’s on the tip of your tongue, but he would always wake up too soon before he could put his finger on the itch, or name the song. 

He violently shakes his head in hopes of shaking the thoughts and feelings away and getting some more sleep. It feels impossible – his head is spinning. 

He takes out his phone and texts the only one he knows he can in situations like these.  

Yoonie Hyung: Sorry, Jiminie. I know it’s late – or early, whatever – but I had the dream again. The one with the faceless boy by the river. They’re coming more frequently and… I think it might be good to see Dr. Yang again. I’m starting the new job today and I don’t want what happened last time to happen again… Sorry if I woke you up.  

He locks his phone, smiling at the nickname he’d given Jimin, and at the ‘Yoonie Hyung’ he knows pops up at the other’s phone whenever he sends him messages.

He’s grown really close with Jimin over the last few months, or rather they’ve always been close? Yoongi’s difficulties with remembering their friendship from before the accident always leaves him feeling an enormous amount of guilt but nevertheless, he loves Jimin deeply, he feels more like family to him than his own parents. 

He knows that Jimin probably won’t answer until later during the day, but he needs to send this now, before he calms down and manages to convince himself that it isn’t so bad, like he’s done so many times before. 

Feeling restless, he turns on the tv, mindlessly going through the channels. He stops at a documentary about the Nakdong River in Daegu. The soothing voice of a woman explains the history of the river and how it’s nurtured the tribes and civilians for years by helping with navigation and trading. He can’t explain it, but he feels drawn to the documentary and leaves it on. The beautiful scenery of the river and its surroundings dances across the screen, and when the river bend is shown, Yoongi inhales sharply. 

How could he have missed the name? This is the same river he’s driven by with Jimin several times on the way to see his parents. The same river he had gone to visit often afterwards. For some reason, it helps to calm him – ground him. He feels at peace there and would always stop by whenever he went to Daegu. This must be the river he used to play by as a child. There is such a strong sense of familiarity whenever he sits under the cherry blossom trees by the riverside. 

All of a sudden Yoongi wakes up by his alarm. He tries to find his bearings not remembering falling back asleep. Chuckling to himself, he realizes that the river has such a calming effect on him that even seeing it on the tv screen soothes him. He makes a mental note of this, to try and see if it will calm him even when on the verge of a panic attack. 

He has been having a lot of them since the accident. It goes in waves, some periods he’ll have a lot of them regularly and some almost none at all. Lately, things have been… good. They don’t come often at all. Mostly after waking up from one of his dreams. He’s gotten so used to them by now, found tricks to get them under control, but sometimes they got so intense and out of hand that he feels like the first time it happened. Like he’s going to die. 

While working his first and last job after his car accident, a really bad attack hit him which ended up with him having to be let go. After that Yoongi ended up in a really bad place and wouldn’t leave bed for weeks, feeling useless. When he got better, Jimin told him about a friend of his, Seokjin, that owns his own successful cafe not too far away from Yoongi. Seokjin apparently was looking for a manager and had been wanting to meet Yoongi after hearing about him from Jimin. 

The younger friend had practically been bouncing while telling Yoongi about the job opportunity. “It’s perfect, Yoongi-“ 

“Honorifics!” Yoongi interrupted Jimin in his excitement. 

Jimin rolled his eyes. “It’s perfect, Hyung. It’s a good friend of mine, the salary’s good, the position is perfect – what more could you ask for?” 

Yoongi was hesitant at first but Jimin proceeded to say that Jin knew about his – situation – and was very understanding, so after meeting with Seokjin in a short interview he accepted the offer and is now the manager of “Peaches & Cream”-café, starting today. 


He groans and stretches, mentally preparing to get out of bed and get ready but before he does, he checks his phone and sees that he received text messages from Jimin:

Jiminie: Since this is a serious message, I will reel my crack in and not tell you off for the ungodly hour this message was sent. 

Jiminie: I’ll call Dr.Yang’s office for you at 8 sharp when they’re open so you can focus on work, ok? Wanna talk about it? Do you want me to come by? Call? I’m sorry I didn’t answer right away…

Jimin‘s a funny guy, but he also has a heart of gold. His worry is evident through the texts. Yoongi smiles at the messages as he types out his answer and hits send.

Yoonie Hyung: Hey, don’t apologize! I wasn’t expecting an answer right away. I’m the one sorry for texting you so late, but you know how I am. If I don’t and the feeling passes I’ll end up not saying anything, downplaying the whole thing, and we’ll get nowhere.

The message is marked as read almost instantly before the three dots pop up, showing that Jimin‘s writing a response. 

Jiminie: And theeeere she is! Don’t mind me, I was just worried half to death here, ready to call the damn police to report you as dead. Jesus…

Jiminie: Also: UwU. You said ‘we’, ‘then we’ll get nowhere’. You’re getting soft on me. 

Yoonie Hyung: Shut up, brat. You’ve been saying I’m not alone in all this. Being all pouty and mad if I don’t say ‘we’ or ‘us’. I can stop?

Jiminie: I’ve done no such thing. You love me. Just admit it. 

Yoonie Hyung: Suddenly I can’t read. Gotta skedaddle. Byeeee

Jiminie: I love you too, Hyung. I’ll message you as soon as I’ve spoken with Dr. Yang.

Yoongi jumps in the shower and prepares for work. While having his morning coffee he checks his phone again to see another message from Jimin. 

Jiminie: Don’t forget to take your vitamins and that they need to be taken with food. No buts! 

Yoonie Hyung: Yes, mom.

Yoongi rolls his eyes while sending his reply. Well, to be honest, he would’ve forgotten but Jimin doesn’t need to know that. 

He’s never been a fan of breakfast, one cup of coffee and he’s good to go, but with his vitamins that Jimin insisted he’d take, he first needed to eat something. Yoongi grabs a banana. This will do , he thinks. Just as he is about to peel it his phone vibrates with a message:

Jiminie: Don’t you fucking DARE only eat a banana. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, at least eat a sandwich. 

“Now he has cameras in my house? The fuck,” Yoongi mumbles to himself, putting the banana down and making himself a sandwich. Why he did what Jimin said, he didn’t know. It was just too damn early for this shit and fighting back was pointless. From experience, he also knows that Jimin somehow just knows if he lies and ‘disobeys’, and there’s no need to awaken Hulk-Jimin. 

After eating and swallowing down his vitamins, Yoongi is ready to go. He looks at his reflection in the hallway mirror, takes a deep breath, and he tells himself, 

“You got this. You can do this. Just stay calm as the river.” 

After saying his mantra three times, like he always does when he is anxious, he grabs his keys and heads out the door. 


After leaving his apartment building Yoongi heads for his car. Now, his father is loaded and filthy rich but after that whole apartment fiasco, Yoongi started distancing himself from all the luxury that his parents kept, and still keeps, offering. Maybe it’s because he’s scared that it will trigger more panic attacks, maybe because of how his father seems to think that everything ordinary or not flashy is beneath them, or maybe it’s just because he finds more comfort and relaxation in the simpler things. 

Both of his parents l offered to take him downtown for him to choose a brand new car, but he had politely declined and instead bought a cheap car he found online. A Škoda Felicia. His father had not been happy and Yoongi would be lying if he said that it didn’t satisfy him. The older Min’s arrogant and narcissistic ways irked him and therefore, it kind of pleased Yoongi when he’d annoy his father with these kinds of things. 

He gets in his car, puts his seatbelt on, turns the key, and drives off to work. Luckily, it isn’t a long drive from his place and Yoongi enjoys the time he gets to himself, humming along with the song playing on the radio. Weirdly enough, he hasn’t been scared of driving after his accident. Maybe that’s because he can’t remember what happened? 

There is a bit of traffic but nothing too bad. His mind starts drifting off a bit again, thinking about how his workday will be. Going into a new job as the manager, a small part of him worries how the rest of the staff will take it. Will he be hated? Will he slip up and make mistakes? Anger customers? 

Ok, no. He can’t think like this. 

“Calm as the river, calm as the river, calm as the river,” he repeats to himself. His train of thought changes direction and takes him back to the river, Nakdong River, its beautiful scenery, the cherry blossoms, and the calming sound that the water makes as it flows past the river bend. He feels his pulse slowing down and he can breathe properly again. The panic that had started to spread – gone. He smiles, wondering exactly why he finds rivers, that river, so calming. 


He parks close to the cafe, and after a short walk, he sees it. The café’s exterior is a beautiful pastel peach color with white window panes and double doors, the two colors blending together beautifully. Above the door is a sign, “Peaches & Cream”, in white calligraphy. There are also some white tables and chairs with peach-colored umbrellas in front of the café, the staff must’ve already started preparing to open for the day. The café has a very cute and warm feeling about it and one can easily see how much effort and hard work has been put into it. Yoongi repeats his mantra before he takes a deep breath, opens one of the doors and enters his new workplace. 

The interior of the café has the same color-palette and feel as the outside. Cute, humble, and at the same time fancy, but most of all a very warm and loving feel. There’s another door further in that leads out to a little yard with the same tables as the ones out front, white, with peach-colored umbrellas, and around the whole yard peach and white paper lanterns are hanging from lighted wires. Yoongi can see parts of the yard through the doors and windows from where he’s standing and thinks that it must look beautiful at night.

“This is work, people. I know it’s early but I also don’t care. Neither does the regulars that will be here in – 1 hour! 1 hour to get ready to open and we are nowhere near finished. If you want your usual 15 minutes coffee-break and breather before the customers start coming in I suggest you hurry up. Chop chop!” The deep voice seems to be coming from the yard, but Yoongi can’t see him.

Bossy,’ he thinks as he looks for his new employer.   

The owner of the café, Seokjin, is behind the counter, focused on neatly placing some freshly baked pastries in the counter displays. He’s extremely handsome, so much so that it stuns Yoongi for a second. 

Bet he has everyone swooning,’ Yoongi thinks before quickly shaking his head, realizing he’s staring at his boss. 

“It smells amazing, Seokjin-nim,” Yoongi says as he gets closer. Seokjin looks up and smiles warmly as he spots Yoongi. 

“Ah… Call me Jin, and please, no need for ‘nim’. Jin-ssi is fine.” 

Yoongi bows deeply. “Thank you for taking me in, Jin-ssi, I’m so grateful!  I promise I will work hard and-”

Jin interrupts Yoongi in the middle of his rambling by placing a hand on his shoulder and pulling him up. 

“No need to thank me, Yoongi-ssi, I’ve heard great things about you and Jimin has also told me a bit about your past and I want you to know that at ‘Peaches and Cream’ we’re a family. I won’t tell anyone because it’s your story to tell, but I’m sure no one here would ever judge you for it. So please, don’t you stress about things like that. As long as you do your job, I’m happy. I will never treat you the way your previous employer did,” he says with a warm smile and a wink. Yoongi is shocked. He is so humble and kind, radiating warmth. 

“Th-thank you, Seo-” he starts but corrects himself after seeing Jin’s pointed glare, “Jin-ssi. Thank you very much,” he says while he smiles his biggest smile, the one that flashes his gums. 

Jin gives him a tour of the café, showing him the kitchen, which is currently really busy, the storage as well as Yoongi’s own office in the back.

“Feel free to decorate it with paintings or whatever you want. This is your room and I want you to feel comfortable, Yoongi-ssi,” he says while Yoongi is looking around his new office in awe. 

“This place is so big, I could never have guessed that an office like this would fit in the café! And Yoongi is fine, Jin-ssi,” Yoongi said, amazed by his spacious and pretty office. 

“Oh, it’s bigger than you think. I also own the floor above it, so the stairs we passed earlier goes up to another office that’s mine,” Jin replies proudly, his chest a bit inflated. 

“Now, let me introduce you to the rest of the team,” he continues before leading Yoongi back towards the front of the cafe. 

Jin introduces Yoongi to Nari, the woman in charge of the kitchen, and the two other chefs, Yumi and Rikku. Then he meets the barista, cleaners and lastly the waiters.  

One of the waiters looks familiar and when they get introduced, the young dark-haired man smiles widely and bows politely, “Yoongi-ssi! I’m Jungkook, Jimin’s boyfriend. I’m so happy to see you. Welcome to the family!” 

“Ah, I thought I recognized your face! You’re the other half in that disgustingly sweet photo on Jimin’s phone,” Yoongi replies with a playful tone. 

“That’s me,” he replies while giggling sweetly, a faint blush painting his cheeks. Jin laughs, “You’re gonna fit in perfectly here, I can tell. Tae’s gonna love this one, don’t you think?” 

Yoongi looks at Jin, then at Jungkook and the other waiters standing with them, all of them nodding their heads and humming in agreement.

“Who’s T-”

“Why are you all standing here for? We still aren’t done, the-”, a deep voice is coming from behind Yoongi and interrupts his question, the same voice he’d heard earlier. And when Yoongi turns and faces him the other man stops dead in his tracks, staring at him with wide eyes, mouth agape. 

Jin puts his hand on the shocked man’s shoulder and says, “Speaking of the devil. Yoongi, this is Kim Taehyung. He started as a waiter but is more of a staff coach now, coaching the newcomers and helping with keeping the staff organized. I’m sure you’ll get along great and that he’ll be of great help and support to you while you get settled!” 

The man, this – Kim Taehyung, is both taller and broader than Yoongi’s small frame, and extremely handsome. Black hair, long enough to fall into his eyes, full lips, big eyes and just – gorgeous. 

For a while, time seems to stop as the two men just stare at each other – taking each other in. The air changes and becomes static with something Yoongi can’t explain, he never experienced anything like this before. 

It’s then that the strange thing happens. The man breaks into a big boxy grin, his eyes crinkle, and he opens his arms. Yoongi looks the man over quickly before putting his hand forward. 

“Hi, I’m Min Yoongi, new manager as of today. Nice to meet you,” he says politely, hiding his confusion. Was this man really about to hug him just now? 

Taehyung looks down at Yoongi’s hand, arms still open before his smile slowly fades as he furrows his brow. He looks back up, his big brown eyes searching Yoongi’s. For a split second, he looks almost disappointed, crushed even, before pressing his lips into a thin line. He puts his arms back down and presses them to his sides, and as if someone flips a switch – his whole face becomes cold, emotionless. 

“Kim Taehyung. Welcome to ‘Peaches & Cream’, Yoongi-ssi,” he says bowing his head before he straightens up again, not accepting Yoongi’s still extended hand.

Jin looks between the two, clearly confused, “Oookay, well,” he clears his throat, “Tae, I’m expecting you to work closely with Yoongi-ssi. Even though he is a manager and technically your boss from today, I want you to teach him the ‘Peachy-ways’, show him how everything works here, and help him get settled. Understood?” 

Taehyung looks at the cafe owner with a polite smile on his lips as he bows again, “Of course, Jin-ssi.” 

“Great,” Jin replies. “Yoongi, today I want you to just observe and see how things work. There’s still 15 minutes or so before we open the doors, why don’t you go and get settled into your office for now? Take a breather before the customers start flowing in.” 

“Ehm, ok, yes. Thank you, Jin-ssi” Yoongi says with a slight bow, still a bit confused as to what the fuck just happened, before he heads to his office. 

He closes the door, leans back against it and scrambles for his phone. 


Jiminie: I’ve been summoned? 

Yoonie Hyung: soo… I’m at work right? Got the grand tour, met the staff. 

Jiminie: You’re here to tell me about how gorgeous my man is, right? We been knew. 

Yoonie Hyung: No. I mean yes, cute but shut up and listen. 

Jiminie: Oh, wow. Sorry, miss thang. Go on.

Yoonie Hyung: So there is this kid, man. Definitely a man. Gorgeous. Hot as fuck. But when our eyes met he froze, and we stared at each other, and the air became static and it was all sexual tension and yes, my dick might’ve twitched. 

Jiminie: Hyung, please leave your hoeing ways outside of work. Don’t shit where you eat. 

Yoonie Hyung: Shut. Up. And liSTEN!

Jiminie: Ok sorry damn. 

Yoonie Hyung: Then he breaks out in this grin and opens his arms wide. Like homeboi was straight up gonna hug me. Like yes, he cute and all but I don’t know his ass. So I panicked, offered my hand and introduced myself. 

Yoonie Hyung: Then it got even weirder. He looked – sad. Broken kind of. And then his face turned cold as a mother fucking white walker and he bowed and told me his name. Now, the worst thing of it all is that apparently he is like team coach or some shit like that and is meant to ‘teach me the peachy-ways’ and ‘help me get settled’. Send help!

His message got read but no reply comes in. 

Yoonie Hyung: Are you gonna reply or…

Jiminie: Oh, you done. 

Jiminie: Got it bad for Kim Taehyung, huh? 

Yoonie Hyung: You-

Jiminie: Kookie’s best friend. I know him yeah. Fine piece of ass. Come to think of it, it’s hilarious that he works at a place called ‘Peaches & Cream’, seeing that his ass is hella peachy and I bet you’d like to cream all over it. 

Yoonie Hyung: I- 

Yoonie Hyung: Bye

Jiminie: Have a great first day, Hyungie. Try not to stare at that peachy ass and focus on work, hm? Can’t wait to hear all about it later. 

Yoonie Hyung: I need new friends.  

With that, Yoongi scoffs and puts his phone back into his pocket. He walks over to his office chair and slumps down, thinking about what Jimin said and what had happened earlier.


What in the fuck was that? Taehyung definitely tried to hug him, but that wasn’t the weirdest part. 

He had looked like someone seeing a long lost family member, and what was that electric energy that had surrounded them when they locked eyes at first? Why did he get so cold, so fast? How can someone be that handsome and most importantly – why is Yoongi so fucking turned on right now?

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By: FelxFics
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