For some reason, Jin believed that Yoongi, captain of the basketball team, needed a massage. Yoongi thought it was absurd, until his masseur knocked at his door.
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don’t go gentle on me

For some reason, Jin believed that Yoongi, captain of the basketball team, needed a massage. Yoongi thought it was absurd, until his masseur knocked at his door.
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One thing his hyung failed to tell him was how his masseuse would look like. Yoongi was expecting a middle aged woman with an iron grip, or maybe a shiny-bald-headed man with chubby hands and heavy breathing. Yoongi definitely wasn’t expecting this… specimen.

The guy merely smiled at him, but Yoongi was ready to bend over, spread his ass cheeks and beg . “Yoongi-ssi, I was sent by Seokjin hyung, from the swimming team?” the guy said, wide eyes staring right through his soul.

God bless Kim Seokjin, the best hyung in the entire world. “Yes, c-come on in”, Yoongi stuttered as he let the guy walk past him. “And you can call me hyung. You’re gonna see me naked after all, right? Ha ha”. God, why the hell was Yoongi allowed to speak?

The masseur laughed, and the breathy sound went straight to Yoongi’s lower belly. “I’m Taehyung, and I’m not gonna see you, um— naked . You’re gonna have a towel covering you”.

Yoongi almost blurted ‘what a shame’ out loud, but composed himself at the last minute, choosing to guide Taehyung to the living room instead. “Jin hyung brought the massage table… he said you’d bring the other stuff? I truly don’t know how this works”, he prompted, a bit embarrassed.

“You’ve never gotten a massage?” Taehyung asked.


“But you’re the basketball team’s captain… don’t you get injured?”

Yoongi shrugged. “Sometimes Coach has to work on the back of my legs,‘cause I get a lot of cramps. That’s pretty much it. This, though—” Yoongi gestured at the massage table, the pale yellow sheets and Taehyung’s bag filled to the brim with oils and tools. “Totally a new experience”.

“Well, I’ll try to make a good impression, then”. Taehyung put his hands up, wiggling his fingers. “Where can I wash my hands?”

Yoongi pointed at the bathroom’s general direction; he got tongue-tied for several, valid reasons: who the fuck had hands like that? Was that allowed? People always said Yoongi had big hands and long fingers, but Taehyung… Taehyung’s hands were just ridiculous.

Just the thought of having those all over him—

“Calm down”, he said to himself. “Stop thinking about it”.

“That’s good, really good”, Taehyung interceded as he walked back into the living room. “Try to keep your mind clear when we’re in session. It’s good for stress-relieve. Did you shower?”

“Um, yeah, Seokjin, he—told me to get cleaned up before the massage”, Yoongi said.

Taehyung offered him a blinding, pleased smile. “Fantastic, now get undressed and lay on the table, please. Use this towel to cover yourself. I’m gonna fetch my stuff and get them ready for you”.

A part of him wanted to tell Taehyung that there was no need, that he had lube and condoms in his bedroom. But this was Seokjin’s friend, so he didn’t. Hurriedly, Yoongi got rid of his sweatpants and oversized shirt, throwing the pieces of clothing on his couch. He laid on the massage bed, face up, and placed the towel over his groin area.

As soon as Taehyung approached him, Yoongi shuddered. “Would you like some music, hyung?” Taehyung asked. “I have a ‘spa playlist’, or whale sounds. Those are my favorite”.

Yoongi cleared his throat, because that hot piece of ass was wearing a bandana, and he looked even more delicious than before.

This was a bad idea. This sucked ass and balls; there was no way his dick was gonna stay soft.

Fuck Kim Seokjin.

“No, I’m… This is fine. No music”, Yoongi blurted out.

The guy smiled again, poured some oil in his hands. “I’m gonna start with your feet, all right? You ticklish?”

There was nothing sexy about feet —at least to him— so Yoongi felt somewhat relieved. He shook his head and tried to put the vision of Taehyung’s hands covered in glistening liquid aside. It might come in handy later today, when he had his favorite dildo very deep into his asshole.

After Yoongi had shifted on top of the bed and rearranged the towel, Taehyung dug his thumbs into the soils of his right foot, and Yoongi’s leg shook .

Taehyung stopped immediately. “I thought you said you weren’t ticklish”.

“I’m not, it’s just—” It’s just that it felt too good. Yoongi didn’t wanna sound like a loser. This massage thing was just getting started, and Yoongi was already on his way to pop a boner. “—Felt weird”.

Taehyung frowned. “Bad weird?”

“No, just weird. I’ve never… Never had one of these, remember?”

“Ah”. Taehyung wrapped a hand around Yoongi’s feet, and squeezed. “I’ll start with a light pressure, okay? Let me know if that feels good”.

The following minutes passed by without any incidents; Taehyung’s ministrations were focused on his feet, and Yoongi’s resolution was focused on keeping his eyes closed, trying to ignore the hot guy running his thumbs across the sole of his left feet. Yoongi took a deep breath. You got this. Don’t think about Taehyung, don’t think about his hands and how good he looks wearing a bandana. Don’t think about his deep voice. He’s massaging your feet, which isn’t sexy at all… you don’t have a feet fetish, Min Yoongi.

And for a while, he patted his own back, since his dick was still soft. That was until Taehyung’s fingers went up, dug into his calves, and Yoongi honest to god moaned .

The realization hit him like a truck; all he wanted to do was to get on his feet and hide in his bedroom, but Taehyung didn’t kept going: his thumbs remained there, sliding across his oily skin. Yoongi threw an arm over his face. The feeling wouldn’t go away; it felt good, way too good.

A soft whimper escaped his mouth when the pressure increased. “Feels good, hyung?” Taehyung’s voice went through his body like an electric shock.

“Y-yeah”. His tongue felt dry and heavy; Yoongi tried to fight back to moan again, because Taehyung’s fingers weren’t doing anything sexy. They were not caressing him, they were just digging into his flesh… “You’re- um, good at this”.

“Thank you”.

Silence fell between them: Yoongi was forcing every fiber of his being to stay calm, and Taehyung was going up and down his calves in gentles movements, though the pressure was nerve-wracking. Yoongi thought if it’d be weird to ask him for just a feet-and-calf massage. That’d be all. His legs would remain untouched, as well as his back.

“You have a lot of knots, hyung”. Taehyung’s voice brought his back to reality. “I can’t imagine how’s your neck gonna be”.

Oh, god. He was going to touch his neck. Fuck Seokjin, honestly. Fuck Kim Seokjin for making him do this. He was perfectly fine with his stress knots and the everlasting sensation of carrying a brick of walls on his back. He didn’t need Taehyung’s perfect hands and perfect fingers and perfect voice and perfect face…

“That pressure okay?” Taehyung asked with a soft voice, his hands smoothing up Yoongi’s calves. Yoongi swallowed hard and managed a nod. “Lemme know if it’s too much, okay?”


For a moment, Yoongi thought it would never be too much, but those words came to bite him in the ass: the tip of Taehyung’s fingers went up up up, all the way up his thigh, and Yoongi’s leg shook again, but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was the pathetic sound that escaped his mouth, a mixture between a gasp and a moan, and it was a loud one. It was loud enough for Taehyung to stop.

“Hyung, did I hurt you?”

God, does he even know what’s he doing to him? “N-no, don’t– don’t stop”, Yoongi stuttered. “Feels good, feels so good”.

He could have sworn he heard Taehyung gulping down. “If you say so…”

Yoongi scrunched up his toes when Taehyung resumed his ministrations, clenching his hands into tight fists to stop himself from- from doing something very stupid. He even had to press his lips together to push the sounds back, to muffle his loud moans and whimpers. He didn’t want to sound paranoid, but it seemed like Taehyung was spending too much time on his legs and thighs. Especially his thighs. Especially his inner thighs.

Did he have like, a thing?

Oh, god. Did Taehyung have a leg kink?

His cock twitched. Oh, no, stay soft, stay soft, please, no more kink talk, I promise, please don’t get hard, begged Yoongi internally.

“Relax”, Taehyung muttered. “You’re all tensed up, hyung. I don’t wanna hurt you”.

“Ngh, o-okay”.

But relaxing was not an option. Not when Taehyung’s hands went below the towel. Luckily, they were gone in a matter of seconds, traveling down his legs, focusing on his calves. As soon as they disappeared from his thighs, Yoongi felt relieved, felt like he could breathe again. The damage, however, was already done: his semi was heavy against his thigh. Great. A wave of embarrassment washed over him, heating up his face and neck. He was pretty sure he was red all over, and god, he was sweating. Profusely. He only sweated this much during a game, but now- He was hard, red and sweaty, and he wanted to die.

“Hyung, it’s fine”.

Yoongi clenched his fists even harder. “Huh?”

“It’s normal, don’t worry about it”. Taehyung’s voice was reassuring, but there was a hint of something dark lacing his vowels. “You’re not the first in getting- It’s fine”.

Somehow, it didn’t make him feel any better. “So I’m just one of the bunch, huh?” Yoongi tried to joke.

Taehyung let out a breathy chuckle. “Aw, sorry, hyung. But if it’s any consolation, this is the first time I’m taking it as a compliment”.

“That so?”

“Yeah”. Taehyung squeezed a bit too hard. “I’m flattered”.

Yoongi whined when Taehyung went up to his thigh again, letting the tip of his fingers caress the tender skin. One inch closer, and he’d be grazing the head of his now rock hard cock.

“Turn over”, Taehyung said.

The command went straight to his dick. “Oh-okay”.

“I’ll help you with the towel”, Taehyung told him. “Be careful, take your time. I promise I won’t look”.

“To be honest”, Yoongi said as Taehyung lifted the piece of fabric for him. “I wouldn’t mind if you do. I wouldn’t mind at all”.

Taehyung chuckled breathily again, but it was different now: it sounded different, raspier and deeper, loaded with something Yoongi was dying to find out. But this was Seokjin’s friend, and he would kill Yoongi if he let his thirsty ass make a move on him. Taehyung, however, wasn’t helping. Slowly, very slowly, Yoongi rolled over. He didn’t know why he chose to wiggle his ass once he was fully laid on the massage table, but there he was, trying to catch Taehyung’s attention with his best feature. Seokjin was gonna kill him for sure.

He felt the towel being placed on his ass again, lingering fingers grazing the skin of his thigh and lower back. No, Taehyung wasn’t helping at all in this crusade. It was as if he were encouraging whatever idea Yoongi had in mind.

He flattened a hand just below his left ass cheek. “Good?”

No, Yoongi wasn’t good. His cock was trapped underneath him, dragging against the soft sheets and his own skin every time he moved or shifted. So, no. He wasn’t good. Nonetheless, he nodded, since Taehyung’s hand did feel good. Fantastic. “Mmhm, I’m okay”.

When Taehyung started pressing and squeezing the back of his thighs, Yoongi moaned. “Pressure okay?”

Yoongi let his hips grind forward. Just a small, tiny thrust. “Mmhm, y-yeah. Can you- a bit harder?”

Taehyung’s fingers dug a bit harsher. “Like this?”

“Oh, god”.

From then on, Taehyung didn’t give Yoongi time to breathe, and the shooting guard was far gone under that magnificent pair of hands, moaning and whimpering shamelessly, spreading his legs just a bit wider, an open invitation to just- go further. He felt a new spurt of oil splashing against his lower back and legs, and then Taehyung was back, thumbs digging deliciously into the back of his thighs, sliding up until they reached the flesh below his asscheeks.

“Holy shit”, Yoongi blurted out.

“Like that?”

Yoongi gripped at the sheets. “Harder”.

“Are you sure?” Taehyung’s voice sounded slightly weird, almost strained. “I don’t want to hurt you”.

Do whatever the fuck you want with me, he almost said. “You won’t, you- harder, please”. Yeah, he was begging. Sue him. Taehyung had told him that he was gonna massage his back and neck, but his hands remained on his legs; not that Yoongi was complaining, honestly. He was more than okay with those fucking fingers doing wonders on his thighs. “Ngh, that feels-” His words were interrupted by a moan.

Behind him, Taehyung hummed. “Good, huh?”

“Yeah, yes”. Yoongi let his hips grind forward again, only not as subtly as the last time. “I didn’t know- I didn’t know it’d feel so- like this”.

Taehyung’s fingers came to a dead stop just below the cleft of his ass. What was he doing? Why did he stop?

“Ngh…” This time, Yoongi didn’t try to hump the massage bed; instead, he pushed his ass up, maybe a little too obvious. But he needed Taehyung to keep on squeezing him, to keep on moving. “Please…”

Taehyung made a soft but guttural sound. Yoongi was fully hard now, he could feel his cock leaking against the sheets, probably ruining them for good. Seokjin was gonna murder him, but fuck him. It didn’t matter, not when he felt one of Taehyung’s fingers sneaking below the towel, grazing the sensitive skin. His ass acted by its own and went up again, wiggled, pushed forward- Taehyung’s index finger became adventurous and went even higher up.

“Can I?”

“Yes, yes, just- please, Tae”.

He heard a low chuckle. “‘Tae’. You’re so cute… so cute and so fucking hot”. Before he could process the compliments, Taehyung threw the towel somewhere on the floor, leaving Yoongi with his ass full on display. “Hyung…”

Yoongi shifted again. “I- I’m- can you p-please-”

“Yeah?” Taehyung gave his ass a slow, deliberate squeeze. “What do you need?”

As embarrassed as he was feeling, Yoongi twisted his head to check on Taehyung; he found him wide-eyed as he played with his ass cheeks, lower lip trapped between his teeth. And Yoongi saw how hard Taehyung was, the ridge of his cock visible through the fabric of his sweatpants. Fuck, that was a nice cock. It seemed long and thick, just how Yoongi liked them. His mouth watered when he imagined how’d it feel inside of him, splitting him open.

He let out a weak whimper at the thought.

Taehyung’s eyes met his, and Yoongi knew- he knew he was gonna get fucked tonight. “Tae…”

Taehyung’s hands closed on his cheeks once more, spreading them apart, exposing his hole. “Pretty baby, tell me what you want. I’ll give it to you”

“Ngh, I-”

“Want me to play with you?” Taehyung was looking at him with hunger in his eyes. “That what you want?”

A breath was forced out of his lungs. “Y-yeah”.

“Damn, baby”. Taehyung repeated the motion, squeezing and squishing his ass meat, parting the cheeks, staring down at his hole clenching around nothing. “It’ll be my pleasure”. More oil landed on his skin, coating his lower back; he felt the warm, thick droplets running down his balls, and the sensation was enough for Yoongi to whine louder, spreading his legs even further apart. “Such a pretty hole, waiting to be filled”.

“Yes, yeah…”

Taehyung let his thumb wander around the rim of his ass, pushing in from time to time; Yoongi hissed when it went too deep, but whined when he took it out. “I could play with your ass for hours. Such a fantastic ass, fuck”.

It looked like Taehyung was really getting off on playing with Yoongi’s ass; it also looked like he had this sort of reward system, pushing in when Yoongi behaved, when Yoongi took control of his ass and hips and forced them to stay down. A gentle but firm swipe against the rim of his hole punched a gasp out of him. His legs quivered when Taehyung circled the edge for what it felt like hours, mesmerized in the way his now oily hole clenched around anything at all. It was driving him insane. Underneath him, his cock was throbbing, so hard it was almost painful, but if he tried to get some friction against the sheets, maybe Taehyung would punish him? Maybe Taehyung would pull away and leave him to hump the bed until he came? If he even gave him permission to come.

Would Taehyung be into edge play?

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt more oil splashing directly to his hole, making his whole body spasm. “O-oh…”

Once again, Taehyung’s thumb pushed in, only this time it went deeper. “Will you be able to take me at all, baby?”

Yoongi couldn’t reply. He squeezed around the finger, trying to get some friction from the bed sheets, rocking between the friction for his cock and the slippery tight stretch of his ass.

“You’re so tight, hyung… can’t wait to stretch you real good”. Taehyung switched fingers, and now it was his index slipping in, going deep once, twice, three times before adding another one. Yoongi wasn’t new at this, obviously, but the stretch burned him a little; however, it didn’t last long: since Taehyung’s fingers were long and skillful, soon enough, he was brushing the bundle of nerves that made Yoongi’s eyes roll to the back of his head. “So tight”, he repeated. “Such a tight lil’ hole”.

His hand was flushed against his skin, making his cheeks bounce and wiggle as he pushed his fingers even deeper, lewd squelching sounds resonating across the room. Yoongi let out a loud whine, clenching his hole around the digits. “Oh, god…”

To his dismay, Taehyung took his fingers out to spread his cheeks open, letting them bounce as he released them. He did this a few times, pushing them apart, then squeezing, then parting them again. Taehyung didn’t have a leg kink. He had an ass kink, and Yoongi was more than willing to present his own ass on a silver platter.

When Taehyung shoved his fingers back in, Yoongi sighed. “Look at you, desperate to have something inside of you”, Taehyung murmured, honey voice laced with darkness. “Wanna get fucked, hyung?” Yoongi couldn’t answer; he was too busy drooling all over the sheets, forcing his eyes to stay open, to stare at Taehyung’s cock that looked even bigger now, thicker. A third finger joined the party, and Yoongi could swear he’d never been this loud before. “You make such pretty sounds, holy fuck, hyung”.

With three fingers deep, Taehyung started pumping them in and out; the squelch of the oil was straight out of porn, which only made Yoongi blush even harder. “I bet you could come just with my fingers, huh?” Yeah, he could, so Yoongi nodded between gasps and moans, pushing his ass up as far as he could, moving on Taehyung’s fingers to find a rhythm, to find some sort of release, to make the tip of Taehyung’s digits find his prostate again. And soon enough, they did. For a brief moment, Yoongi saw white, body spasming as the stimulation increased with every brush of Taehyung’s fingers. The younger pinned him down with his free hand, never stopping the attention on Yoongi’s sweet spot.

“That’s it, there you go” Taehyung groaned. “Gonna come baby?”

Yoongi closed his eyes, feeling a wave of heat making its way to his lower belly; his cock pulsed underneath him, ready to spill, and as Yoongi whined “yes, yes”, Taehyung took his fingers out. Fucking bastard. “N-no, come on…” Yoongi pleaded. “Keep- please…”

“Patience, hyung”, Taehyung his voice sounding even grittier than before. “Good boys get rewarded”.

What a fucking asshole, but Yoongi was a good boy—he was the best boy, so he was gonna stay still, he was gonna behave. Yoongi was gonna prove it to him. Even though his legs were still shaking, he managed to stop squirming; he looked over his shoulder and saw Taehyung smiling down at him, big hands kneading at the flesh of his ass. “Perfect, hyung”. Taehyung squeezed a bit harder. “Want me to give you a prize, now?” Yoongi barely managed a nod before getting a gentle smack on his left asscheek. “Use your words, kitten”, Taehyung said. “Tell me what you want”.

Yoongi had never been called ‘kitten’ in his life, but his cock almost jumped at the nickname, thinking it was the hottest thing that had happened to him. “I-I want… a prize”.

The slap was harsher this time. “Manners, hyung”.

His cock leaked a bit more. Yoongi hid his face between his arms, aroused and ashamed. “P-please, I want a prize. Please, Tae”.

“You asked for it so nicely, baby”, Taehyung said. “Well done”.

Next thing he knew, Taehyung was spreading his cheeks, wider than before, much wider, exposing his clenching hole.

He spat on it.

Fuck. “Oh, god…”

“Gonna eat you out so good”, Taehyung groaned behind him. “Gonna eat that pretty ass for hours”.

Yeah, Yoongi was gonna die tonight for sure.

He felt something warm and hot flattening against his rim, and- “Oh, oh, fuck…”

Taehyung merely hummed, focused on his task in hand. More like, task in tongue, actually. Taehyung pressed it a bit more, just toying around the rim, making Yoongi whine and push his ass up. He gripped at the sheets, mouth slacked; drool was spilling from the corner of his lips, a wet patch on saliva already staining the bed. There was no way he was gonna return this table to Seokjin.

Yoongi whined. “That feels- right there”.

Taehyung licked him from his ballsack to his hole before spitting on him once again, keeping his cheeks apart as he stare down at him. “You taste so good, kitten”. He bit at his cheeks, swirled the tip of his tongue around his rim, spat and slurped… this wasn’t the first time Yoongi got his ass ate, but Taehyung was doing some real nasty shit. Maybe that was the reason Yoongi had a difficult time keeping it down. He tried muffling his whines and screams using the back of his hand, but Taehyung spanked him really hard. “None of that, hyung. I wanna hear you, hm? You sound so pretty, you make the prettiest sounds…”

He couldn’t see him from his position, but he imagined how would Taehyung look right now, with his mouth shiny with spit and red from the kisses, wild hair, that fucking bandana… his thoughts were cut when Taehyung dived back in, sneaky tongue pushing past his rim. He never thought Taehyung had meant it when he said he was gonna eat him out for hours, but the younger did spend a generous amount of time fucking him with his tongue, keeping his hole wet with spit, oil well forgotten on the floor. It was just his hands spreading him open, and his skillful tongue flicking and twitching, brushing the sensitive skin of his rim, lapping at his balls…

“Tae, Tae, I’m gonna-”

Taehyung bit down at his cheek one more time. It hurt, but it also felt so goddamn good. “Yeah? Wanna come?”

Yoongi nodded. He’d been dying to come since yesterday. “Please…”

“Wanna come with my tongue inside of you?” Taehyung asked, smirking up at him.

That sounded like a good idea, but Yoongi had something else in mind. “N-no, I wanna come with your big, fat cock inside of my ass, right now”. If he sounded a bit desperate, that’s because he was.

Taehyung let out a groan. “Fuck, you’re so bossy. Turn over”.

For a second, he thought he was gonna fall to the floor, but he managed just fine. Taehyung’s eyes were trained on his shaky legs, glistening from sweat and the oils that the younger had used before. “Pretty”, he whispered. “Pretty hyung…”

“Come on…” Yoongi spread his legs, planting the sole of his feet on the bed. “I need that- I need you”.

Taehyung palmed his own erection, so ridiculously big Yoongi was starting to wonder if that thing was gonna fit inside of him. “I don’t think this bed is gonna take our weight, baby”, Taehyung said. “If it breaks, Jin hyung is gonna be mad at us…”

“Ngh, fuck him”, Yoongi babbled. “Fuck him, come on…”

“I’d rather fuck you”. Taehyung eyed him up and down, tongue poked out, eyes dark with hunger. “Come over here, hm? Can you stand up?”

“Can I sta- Of course I can stand up”, Yoongi said in a hurry. “See? I’m up and I’m-”

Taehyung didn’t let him finish; he gripped him by the neck and smashed their mouths together, tongue first, lips second; he could taste himself, the heavy notes of ass and balls lingering on Taehyung’s mouth. He squeezed at his ass. “So fucking hot. God, you’re so goddamn-”

Yoongi whined when Taehyung let one of his elegant fingers slide down his ass crack. “Mm, god, please…”

Pulling away with a loud pop, Taehyung muttered, “You’re gonna get on your knees now, yeah? Gonna get my cock all nice and wet for your pretty hole, hm?”

Fuck yeah. “Y-yeah”.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He dropped fast and hard, and his knees screamed in protest, but Yoongi didn’t give a shit. Taehyung grabbed him by the hair and looked down at him with those eyes, with those eyebrows scrunched together in concentration… He grabbed Taehyung’s sweatpants and pulled them down, taking his underwear along the way. His cock- fuck, his cock honest to god jumped when released, long and thick, the head angry-red and shiny with droplets of precum. A work of art. Yoongi licked his lips at the sight.

“Open wide, baby”, Taehyung instructed. “Let’s see how much can you take”.

Here’s a thing you should to know about Yoongi’s deepthroating skills: they’re top notch, okay? He does have a gag reflex, but he can take dick far down his throat. Carelessly and without much finesse, Taehyung gripped the base of his cock and plunged it into Yoongi’s mouth; with one hand, he grabbed Yoongi by the hair, and with the other, he forced his length down Yoongi’s throat. He gagged a little, but took what was being given to him. He was a good boy, okay?

To his surprise, Taehyung pulled back, looking down at him with a frown on his face. “Are you- Did I hurt you?”

“N-no”, Yoongi babbled. “I’m fine, I swear, I can take it”.

Taehyung ran a hand through his hair. “Sure?”

“I’m sure”.

Taehyung didn’t look convinced at all. “It’s just- I know I can be a bit… rough, that’s why-”

“I’m okay with that”, Yoongi blurted out. “Be rough, be- fuck, I like it rough. Just give me your cock, p-please…”

Taehyung chuckled. “All right. Tell me if- lemme know if I-”

“Sure, fine”. Yoongi looked at him from under his lashes. “Can we go back to what we were doing?”

With a smirk, Taehyung tighten hid grip in Yoongi’s hair. “Mhm, we can”. He let the tip of his cock graze against Yoongi’s lips. “Open, hyung”.

Yoongi poked his tongue out, twirling it around the head of his dick; it made Taehyung hiss, pulling at Yoongi’s bleached locks. “You’re gonna tease me, hm?”

“Mhm, maybe. You into that?”

Taehyung sneered. “Another time. Now I really want to fuck your mouth, if that’s okay”.

Knelt in front of Taehyung, well-aware of how submissive he looked, Yoongi opened his mouth again, and waited. Taehyung fed him with his cock in short and sharp thrusts, but it wasn’t enough. He knew Taehyung could be rougher. He wanted to feel him the next day and during the whole week. Yoongi moaned when the tip of his cock nudged at the back of his throat, making him gag a little. He knew it’d happen, so he breathed through his nose and waited for the next thrust.

“Fuck, yeah”, Taehyung groaned. “So good…”

With his hand, the younger forced him down his cock and kept him there; Yoongi couldn’t help but to whine, feeling his lips stretching to fit Taehyung’s girth, feeling his throat expanding as he took every inch of Taehyung’s length. He coughed and gagged, spit and phlegm spilling from his mouth as he struggled to keep Taehyung warm and wet. His eyes were watering, fat tears rolling down his cheeks.

“So good, such a good- fuck, that’s it”, Taehyung gritted out. “Stay, stay, fucking stay- hyung…”

Fumbling, Yoongi’s hands found Taehyung’s thighs and he gripped on them, digging his fingertips into the smooth, tanned skin. It was becoming too much, but he did what he was told: he stayed, Taehyung told him to stay. Opening his throat, Yoongi took a deep breath through his nose and waited. Yoongi counted to ten while he was gagging and coughing, his own chin a mess with saliva, precum and phlegm. His nails scratched Taehyung’s thighs, he hears him hissing in pain, but none of them tried to stop.

Dying by cock would be an awesome way to go.

Suddenly, Taehyung peeled him off by the hair; Yoongi’s lungs screamed in relief when he was able to get some fresh air, but his throat felt sore, raspy, empty-

“God, that was so fucking hot”, Taehyung groaned. “Is your ass gonna take me that well, too?”

Yoongi coughed. “Yeah”.

Taehyung smirked down at him. “We’ll see. Up, up”, he ordered, pulling Yoongi from his blonde curls. “Come here, let me taste you again”.

Without even taking in consideration the gross state of his chin, Taehyung fucked his mouth with his tongue, his hands squeezing the flesh of his ass, two fingers sliding easily into him thanks to the oil. It burned a little, but Yoongi was more than ready to get his ass pounded. Thoroughly.

“Who would’ve thought”, Taehyung said, “that the captain of the basketball team would be such a cock slut?”

“Yeah, that’s- fuck, that’s me”, Yoongi said as he was being manhandled to the nearest couch. “Nice to meet you”.

Taehyung giggled against his mouth (he fucking giggled, what the fuck). “I swear your the cutest thing I’ve ever seen”.

“‘m not- I’m not cute”.

“Mhm, yes you are”, Taehyung hummed, nipping at his lower lip. “Cute and pretty”.

Without a warning, Taehyung shoved him on the couch; it was a bit unfair, how the younger was still wearing a shirt, but at least his dick was out and the bandana was still in place. It’s the little victories that count.

Yoongi didn’t wait another second; sprawled on the couch as he was, he spread his legs wide open, grabbing them by the back of his thighs.

“Holy shit”, Taehyung breathed out.

“Still think I’m cute?” Yoongi panted.

Taehyung jerked himself off a few times, eyes glued to Yoongi’s asshole, shiny with oil and spit, well-stretched, and clenching, begging to be fucked. “Yeah, you’re- hyung…”

Yoongi raised an eyebrow. “Like what you see?”

“Fuck, yeah”.

“Then come over here and fuck me”.

Taehyung knelt in front of him to stroke his quivering legs, placing gentle kisses on the sensitive skin. “So bossy… what happened to my favorite good boy, hm?”

“He’s- he’s trying his damn best to-” Taehyung bit his inner thigh. “Oh, fuck, please, come on”. Yoongi felt teeth sinking into his skin. There was gonna be a mark in there, for sure. “C-condom”, he stuttered when he felt Taehyung’s length brushing his entrance. “My- I have condoms in, uh, my bedroom”.

“I have one– in my bag”, Taehyung said. He sounded in a hurry as well, which made Yoongi feel incredibly proud of himself.

This was always the awkward part, but the guy was so fucking hot Yoongi didn’t give a shit. He waited patiently as Taehyung rummaged through his bag, pulling out his wallet and then the square package he was dying to see.

Yoongi squeezed his own dick. “Hurry…”

“Patience, patience”, the younger said as he rolled the condom down his shaft. “Lube?”

“I’m ready, I don’t need- just get inside of me”, Yoongi whined.

“But I like it wet, baby”, Taehyung said. “I like how it sounds when it’s all wet and slippery”.

Fuck, they truly were soulmates, huh. “Then use, I don’t know, the oil from before”, Yoongi protested. “Just- come on”.

Taehyung smiled as he grabbed the bottle of oil, pouring a little on his hands. “Your wishes are my command”.

The next splash of oil landed directly on Yoongi’s hole. “Fuck, yeah. Come on, Tae”.

With one hand, Taehyung grabbed the back of Yoongi’s thigh and pushed, bending him in half. His knee was pressed against his chin, the other leg hanging from the couch. Taehyung’s free hand was wrapped around his own cock, guiding it to Yoongi’s puckered hole. The tip sank slowly, barely pushing through the ring of muscles.

Yoongi whined. “O-oh, god…”

“So tight”, Taehyung groaned. “Fuck, you’re so tight, hyung”.

“Gi-give me more, come on”, Yoongi said. “I can take it”.

Taehyung’s size was not a joke; it was probably the biggest Yoongi had ever taken. The stretch was unbearable, almost painful, but he knew it was just a matter of seconds: the burn would go away in no time. He squirmed as Taehyung’s cock split him open: the head was well inside of him now, the shaft still midway to be fully in.

“I wish you- shit, I wish you could see this”, Taehyung muttered. “How well you’re taking me”.

“Ngh, y-yes, come on”, Yoongi babbled, the delicious stretch sending shivers down his spine. “More, more…”

Taehyung gave in and pushed a little bit more, making Yoongi whine pathetically. “Baby”, he breathed out. “I’m gonna fuck you like no one’s ever fucked you before…” He accompanied his promise with a gentle thrust, both hands now gripping the back of his thighs.

“Those are some- ah, fuck- big words”, Yoongi said. “You better try your best”.

Taehyung let out a barely audible growl, but it went straight to Yoongi’s leaking cock. “I promise you– You’re gonna feel me for days”.

He rammed inside of him, pelvis flushed against Yoongi’s ass; he gasped, legs shaking as Taehyung pulled away just enough to keep the head in. “That’s- Yeah, I’d like that”, Yoongi said. “Come on, a-again”.

Taehyung complied, pushing in once again; Yoongi didn’t know what sound he liked the best: the squelch of the oil or Taehyung’s grunts as he fucked him with a steady rhythm. What he did know, was that his orgasm was just around the corner. Kind of pathetic, actually, but hey. He blamed Taehyung’s magic hands and filthy mouth, his sneaky tongue and skillful fingers. He also blamed Taehyung’s cock, and how it stretched him so well, how it never missed his prostate in every thrust. Yoongi was ruined, and it was all thanks to him.

When Yoongi started seeing stars behind his eyelids, he knew this was gonna end in a matter of seconds, and then Taehyung had to push his legs even further up, pinning him down, bending him in half, fucking him with less finesse and gentleness.

Yoongi’s body seized up. “I’m gonna- oh, god”. He clenched his hole around Taehyung’s cock, body going tight as his orgasm approached him. “Right there, fuck, right-”

Taehyung didn’t respond; he just kept ramming into him, nails scratching his pale legs, eyes glued to Yoongi’s face.His orgasm hit him hard and fast, thick spurts of cum landing on his own chin and neck. His limbs were a shaky mess, slippery with oil and sweat. “Oh, I’m- fffuck, that-”

“Shh, shh”, Taehyung cooed, tucking a bleached strand of hair below his ear. “You were perfect, baby”.

Yoongi felt Taehyung grazing his thumb across his flushed cheekbones. “That’s it, breathe, hyung”, he said with a loving voice. “I’m right here”.

There were still electric shocks running through Yoongi’s body, but he smiled at Taehyung’s tenderness. “Mm, you are…”

It was almost funny, the way Taehyung was talking to him, calming him down, but still buried balls deep into Yoongi’s ass. When he realized this, he chuckled, and then grimaced.

“What’s wrong?” Taehyung asked. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just- a bit sensitive”, he replied. “But- don’t pull out”.

Taehyung stayed, leaning forward to lick at the cum splattered all over Yoongi’s chin and neck, his chest and abdomen. Yoongi felt his soft cock twitch; it hurt like hell. “Fuck, Tae…”

“Yeah, baby?”

“Don’t do that…”

Against his neck, Taehyung smirked. “But you taste so good, hyung…”

“God, shut up”, Yoongi groaned.

Taehyung spent some time kissing his burning skin and the sweat pooled between his collarbones; he also kissed him, nice and slow, without a rush. He was such a nice kisser.

“As much as I’m enjoying this”, Taehyung said after a while. “I really wanna take this somewhere else”.

Yoongi whined. “No, here it’s fine…”

“But hyungie… this is uncomfortable”. Taehyung honest to god pouted. “Can we go to your bedroom?”

Absolutely not. That’d mean standing up, and Taehyung felt so good inside of him. “I don’t want you to pull out”, Yoongi protested. “Like, ever”.


“You heard me”.

Taehyung smiled down at him. “Sounds fair, but if we go to your bedroom, I can spread you out in your bed and fuck you again and again, until you’re begging me to stop”.

Yoongi felt his cheeks burn in embarrassment. “That actually sounds… nice”.

“I knew you’d like the idea”, Taehyung grinned against his mouth. “I’m gonna pull out now, hm?” He did so slowly, eyeing at Yoongi for any sign of discomfort. “You all right? Need a hand?”

Yoongi huffed. “I’ve taken dick before, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah, stop rubbing it in my face”, Taehyung said, face suddenly turning serious. “Come on, I still wanna eat you out some more”.

As weak as he was, Yoongi felt a shiver of excitement. “God, you’re insatiable”.

“Well, you have an incredible ass”.

Yoongi grabbed him by the hand and guided him to his bedroom, eyes locked as he walked backwards, Taehyung following him as if he were in a trance. “Hyung…”

“What did you say earlier, hm? That you were gonna make me beg?”

Taehyung’s eyes darkened. “Yeah…”

Yoongi crawled in the bed, getting on his hands and knees; he pushed his ass up and looked over his shoulder. “Well, then, what are you waiting for?”

Next thing he knew, Taehyung’s tongue was buried deep inside of him, his big hands kneading his cheeks. He ate him out for so long that by the time Taehyung placed a gentle kiss on his tailbone and plunged his cock back into him, Yoongi was in tears, sobbing against the mattress. He begged him to go harder, faster, to fuck him like he promised he would…but he never asked him to stop. He was a sane person, why would he ask Taehyung to stop fucking him? He kept his promise; he spread him over his bed and had his way with him for another hour or so, making Yoongi come one more time.

In the end, Taehyung rolled him over and came all over his ass, warm spurts of cum landing on his lower back and cheeks.

“Holy shit”, Taehyung gritted out; he laid next to him, panting. “Hyung, that was- I’m worn out”.

Yoongi chuckled. “My ass is on fire”.

“You asked me to-”

“I know, I know”, Yoongi said, smiling tiredly. “It’s just- I think I’m gonna skip practice tomorrow”.

Taehyung gasped, pretending to be horrified by the idea. “The captain of the basketball team is gonna skip practice?”

“It’s your fault!” Yoongi punched his arm without malice (and without strength). “You come to my place looking like this, to give me a massage, and you expect me to stay calm?”

Taehyung chuckled. “You expect me to stay calm when my eternal crush shoves his ass in my face?”

Yoongi giggled until the words sank in. “Wait, what–?”

Taehyung’s eyes widened. “N-no, forget what I said!”

“What do you mean- Eternal crush?” He sat up abruptly, ignoring his sore ass and tired limbs. “Wha- What do you mean?!”

Taehyung groaned, covering his red face with his big, big hands. He looked adorable, almost, but Yoongi needed answers. “Taehyung…”

“No, I’m gonna- go”.

Yoongi straddled him. “You’re not leaving my bed until you tell me… Do you like, have a crush on me?”

“I literally just told you-”

Yoongi grabbed the other’s hands. “No, but- why? How? When?”

“God, I hate you, you’re really gonna make me say it, huh. You’re really gonna make me confess…”

“Well, you said it! I just wanna know!”

At Taehyung’s silence, Yoongi started poking him at his sides, saying “tell me, tell me” over and over until the younger groaned again. “A friend of mine, Jeongguk- do you know him?” Yoongi shook his head. “Well, he took me to one of your games…”

“When was this?”

Taehyung blushed even harder. “Like, two years ago”.


“It was my first year, and he took me to the court, and I was like, ‘who’s that cutie’?” Taehyung pouted. “And he said, ‘Suga, the captain’, and like… I never stopped going to your games ever since”.

“You’ve been going to my games for two years?”

“Ugh, yeah”.

“How come- But I never saw you there”, Yoongi said. “At least not that I remember”.

Taehyung shrugged, embarrassed. “Well, you’re SUGA, the captain, and I’m just- a physical therapy student”.

Straddling him, Yoongi flicked his nipple. “This is not a ‘Boys Over Flowers’ remake, Tae. You should’ve said hi… in a party or something”

“I’m not a party kind of guy”, Taehyung says. “And they told me you don’t date, so… I got discouraged”

“What? Who told you that?”

“Um, Jiho and Hyoseob?”

This time, Yoongi did pinch his nipple. “I told them I didn’t date because I didn’t wanna date them! They’re assholes”.

Taehyung frowned. “But Jin hyung said-”

He was gonna kill Kim Seokjin. “What did that asshole tell you?”

Taehyung was still frowning, but his eyes were shimmering, looking expectantly at Yoongi. “He said you weren’t looking for a relationship”.

“I said that like, three years ago”, Yoongi protested. “I was- going through something”.

Taehyung licked his lips. “So if I said- like, hypothetically, that I’d like to take you on a date…”

“Mmh, I’d probably say yes”, Yoongi grinned. “You know, hypothetically”.


Yoongi leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on Taehyung’s lips. “I’d love to”.

Taehyung kept him flushed against him, returning the kiss the best he could, since they both were grinning like morons.

“I can’t believe I never saw you on campus”, Yoongi said, snuggled next to the younger. “That face- your face is something that’d definitely catch my eye”.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but your face didn’t catch my eye”, Taehyung said. “It was your ass”.

Yoongi pinched him again. “Fucking asshole”.

Taehyung rolled them over so he was looming over him; their noses brushed… “You’re so cute, hyung”, Taehyung whispered. “I’ve always thought- you’re so fucking cute”.

Yoongi blushed. “Shut up”.

“Cute and hot”, Taehyung continued. “With a fantastic ass and topnotch blowjob game”.

“You’re the worst”.

“I’d really like to date you, Yoongi hyung”.

Yoongi gulped; he didn’t know why was he getting so nervous and giddy over a date proposal from the same man that spat and slurped on his ass twenty minutes ago. “Are we still talking- Hypothetically speaking, you say?”

Taehyung shook his head. “No, no. Like, on a real date. With flowers and shit”.


“If- if you’re into that”, Taehyung said in a hurry. “If not, then that’s-”

“I love flowers”, Yoongi confessed. “And coffee”.

Taehyung grinned. “We could do that– coffee for you, tea for me”.

“I also love sleeping”, Yoongi added on.

“We could take naps together”.

“And sex”, Yoongi said. “I love sex”.

“Then we could fuck for hours and hours”, Taehyung said. “I wouldn’t mind that at all”.

Yoongi wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s neck. “Are you gonna still come to my games?”


“We could make out in front of Jiho and Hyoseob”, Yoongi suggested. “And hold hands”.

“It’d be my pleasure”.Taehyung kissed him slowly, as if he were trying to prove something.There was nothing to be proven: Yoongi was already in too deep, imaging their dates and how cute they’d look holding hands. Fuck, he was such a loser; but Taehyung was hot, cute, he had a nice smile and warm, kind eyes, his hands were huge, as well as his cock, and he was a nasty motherfucker in bed, so yeah. Yoongi was gone.

Panting, he asked: “Hey, can you like, go again?”

Taehyung hummed. “Yeah, I think so. But your ass is not gonna appreciate it…”

With a smirk, Yoongi pushed him against the mattress and slid down. “Good thing I still have my mouth”.

Taehyung’s chuckle turned into a groan in two seconds.



Seokjin frowned. “Where are the sheets?”


“I remember there was a couple of sheets”, Jin said. “Did they get oil all over them? Don’t worry, Yoongi-yah, hyung will take care of it”.

“It’s not that…”

“Then what is it?”

Just in time, Taehyung walked in with only his sweatpants on. “I don’t think you’d want to use them”, he said. “Like, ever again”.

It was hilarious (and also kind of sad) to see Jin’s transformation, his face turning into a disgusted grimace. “Oh, no, you didn’t…”

Yoongi was embarrassed, whereas Taehyung looked mildly entertained. “Sorry”, he said.

“You animals!” Jin screeched. “You- I can’t believe you’ve done this!”

Jin left the apartment in a hurry, and even though Yoongi felt kinda bad, it was all forgotten when Taehyung pressed him against the kitchen counter for the morning round. Yup, Yoongi was gone, gone, gone…

i'm a sucker for basketball player yoongi with his bleached hair and rosy cheeks! i can't get enough of him lol so maybe i'll write more about him in the future! pls follow me on twitter! my @ is taegishrine =)
By: taegishrine
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