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It’s been months of work and the site is coming along with a whole new look and feel.

We are so happy to finally be live and to bring you this platform and community and hope that you will like it as much as we do!

As BTSfanfics are in the early stages we appreciate your feedback and will always do our utmost best to make this the best archive and community for you all to enjoy!

We therefore ask for you to send us any feedback that you might have for us.
Find contact information at the bottom of this post.

New Features:

  • New community look
    – We now offer a Time Line!
  • Status Updates
    – These are completely separated from works and on the time line only.
  • Friends and Following
    – You can now not only send friend requests but you also have the option to simply follow other users.
  • Photos
    – You can add photos in your time line posts, chat, as well as photo albums on your profile.
  • New and improved Chat system
    – You can chat with any user as well as have group chats.
  • GIFS!
    – We now offer Giphy support in both messages and on the time line (TL posts and comments)
  • Groups
    – You can now create private or public groups which gives you a designated chat and group TL
  • Audio and Video
    – You can upload Video and Audio on the TL or in chats.
  • Polls
    – You can post polls in groups or right on the TL!

Below you can find some ‘How To’s that you may find helpful!

How to

How do I register?

It’s easy!
Just press “Register” in the Menu (the three lines if you’re on mobile) and fill in the form with your details. You’ll then get an e-mail sent, follow the instructions and – bam – you’ve registered an account!

I heard something about dark mode. Where is it?

You can toggle it on your profile by scrolling the purple menu until you get to “Styles” or even easier – in the menu by pressing this icon:

How do I add cover and profile photos?

Press your username in the menu -> “Profile” -> press your photo to easily change it.

How do I find and follow people?

Just go under “Community” (in the menu) -> “Members” and you’ll be able to see a list of all the accounts that are registered as well as search for whomever you want to find!
In the bottom right of the user box you’ll see “add as friend” and “Not following” press one of them to add/follow. (If you add someone as a friend you’ll automatically follow them too)

Can I block people?

Yes, you can!
When you’re on a users profile, press the gear icon and then choose to block the user. You can also report if the user is breaking community rules.

Can I message others?

Yes, you can easily message other users by either pressing the envelope icon in the menu you see while on the time line pages, or you can press the talking icon when on a users profile.

I want to post a new Art/Fic. How do I do it?

Press your username in the menu and press “Post New”.
On this page, pick what work you want to post and then fill in the fields and press submit. If you don’t want to post it yet you can press “Save Draft” and get back to it later.

Where can I see my drafts?

In the menu, click your username and then “Works”
Choose what works you want to see (Fiction/Art/Edits)
You’ll then be directed to your dashboard where you will be able to see, edit and delete all your works. Press the “Draft” tab and pick the work you want to dive back into!

I want to change my username!

If you simply want to change your username or any other setting, go to your profile, “Update info” or “About” -> press the “Account” tab and then change your username by first entering your current password in the designated field and then below it your new username.

Known Issues

Dark Mode

There is currently an issue with some images turning Negative.
We are working on solving this and will hopefully have it fixed as soon as possible.

Contact Us

If you would spot any issues not listed or something that could be improved:
Please send us an e-mail to info.btsfanfics@gmail.com or send a DM to us here or on Twitter!

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